Z ZICOME Set of 6 Super Jumbo Plastic Clips – Keep Towels, Sheets, and Beach Gear Secure


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Tired of chasing after your beach towels and chair covers when the wind kicks up? Frustrated by having to fold up your laundry before it’s fully dry? With this set of 6 super jumbo plastic clips from Z ZICOME, you can secure towels, sheets, clothing and more both indoors and out.

These durable plastic clips measure a substantial 6.4 inches long, with an opening width of 5.8 inches. That’s wide enough to firmly anchor towels, blankets, quilts, chair covers and other large fabrics, keeping them in place on breezy days. The bright colors make them easy to spot so they won’t get lost in the sand.

Keep Towels and Beach Gear From Blowing Away

Don’t waste your vacation chasing wind-blown towels down the beach! These oversized clips help keep towels, chair covers, canopies and umbrellas securely anchored and won’t let them fly away unexpectedly.

The super wide jaw opening and strong spring closure provide a tight grip to hold heavy gear in the gustiest conditions at the ocean or poolside. Just clip them onto any fabric edge and enjoy your day, stress-free.

Let Laundry and Linens Dry Faster

Doing laundry at home or while camping? Use these mega clips to keep sheets, tablecloths, and other large fabrics neatly stretched out while air drying, instead of having to fold them up. This allows for faster, more even drying with maximum air circulation.

Hang laundry on clotheslines or outdoor racks and use the colorful clips to secure the corners. The breeze will pass right through the unfolded fabrics, drying them quickly.

Convenient Indoor Uses

These oversized clips aren’t just for outdoor use – they also come in handy inside the home:

– Keep tablecloths and sheets from sliding around on tables and beds
– Secure shower curtains and liners to rods to prevent billowing
– Hold fabric backdrops for photo booths and parties
– Keep craft and sewing projects from shifting while you work on them

Use them in the bedroom, kitchen, craft room, or anywhere you need an extra bit of stability. The bright colors make them easy to spot when needed.

Durable Construction

Made from heavy-duty plastic, these clips are built to last through years of sun, salt, and water exposure. The strong metal spring provides a secure grip that won’t loosen over time. Rounded edges help prevent snagging or tearing delicate fabrics.

At 6.4 inches long and 1.3 inches high, these clips are substantial enough to handle tough outdoor conditions and large items like beach umbrellas. Their bright colors make them easy to find in the sand or grass.

Product Details

– Set includes 6 super jumbo plastic clips
– Available in bright colors – blue, green, and pink
– Clips measure 6.4 inches long
– Can open up to 5.8 inches wide
– Strong metal spring closure
– Heavy-duty plastic construction

Take the stress out of sunny days at the beach or pool and let these mega-sized clips secure your towels, chair covers and other gear. With a grip wide enough to conquer strong winds, these colorful clips will become a beach and household necessity.


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