YouthBro 122PCS Real Nature Dried Pressed Flowers Set – Vibrant Flowers, Leaves, and Butterflies for Resin Jewelry Making, Nail Art, Scrapbooking


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Reconnect with the beauty of nature with this stunning 122 piece dried pressed flower set from YouthBro. This expansive collection contains a gorgeous array of 71 vividly colored flowers and leaves, 50 transparent butterfly and floral stickers, and a curved tweezers tool – everything you need to create eye-catching resin jewelry, nail art, scrapbook pages, and more.

71 Vibrant Dried Flowers and Leaves

At the heart of this set are 71 expertly dried and pressed flowers and leaves in a vibrant rainbow of colors. Each individual flower and leaf has been carefully selected and harvested at just the right time to preserve its natural shape, texture, and dazzling color.

You’ll find an assortment of exotic blossoms, from oriental poppies with crepe paper-like petals to elegant orchids with slender tapered blooms. Delicate ferns, colorful leaves, and other floral greenery provide beautiful foliage and texture. Expect to discover brilliant shades of ruby red, sunshine yellow, sapphire blue and more.

With so many different flowers and leaves to work with, the creative possibilities are endless. Use these natural elements to add pops of color, dimension, and realism to all your DIY floral projects and designs.

50 Butterfly and Floral Transparent Stickers

In addition to the stunning dried botanicals, this set includes 50 transparent butterfly and floral stickers. These whimsical and delicate stickers feature colorful butterflies, blossoms, and leaves with a transparent background that allows the colors underneath to shine through.

Spark creativity by layering the stickers over the dried pressed flowers or use them independently to add a touch of nature anywhere. The transparent background gives the stickers an almost watercolor effect that blends beautifully with your projects.

Curved Tweezers for Precise Handling

A sleek pair of curved metal tweezers is included in the set for safely handling the delicate dried flowers and applying the tiny stickers. The fine curved tips provide precise control so you can easily manipulate and position the botanical elements without crushing or damaging them.

The anti-slip covering on the tweezer handles ensures a steady, comfortable grip. Tweezers are a must-have tool when working with fragile dried flowers.

Endless DIY Craft Possibilities

This expansive 122 piece set equips you with all the vibrant dried floral materials and accessories you need to explore endless DIY craft possibilities, including:

  • Jewelry Making – Encapsulate dried flowers in resin pendants, earrings, and other jewelry pieces.
  • Nail Art – Use small pressed flowers and leaves to create stunning floral nail designs.
  • Scrapbooking – Adorn memory pages with delicate transparent butterfly stickers.
  • Home Decor – Craft eye-catching floral wreaths, suncatchers, candles, and more.
  • Party Decorations – Spruce up cards, invitations, wrapping paper, and party favors.
  • Gifting – Create homemade gifts like bookmarks, sachets, and potpourri bags.

With this versatile assortment of vibrant dried botanicals, the possibilities are endless for bringing more natural beauty into your handmade crafts and designs!

High-Quality Natural Materials

YouthBro stringent standards ensure only the highest quality real pressed flowers and leaves are included in this set. All the botanical materials are ethically sourced from nature and expertly dried and pressed to seal in their vibrant colors and delicate shapes.

Advanced vacuum sealing preserves the flowers and leaves in a neat, undamaged state until you are ready to use them. Expect fresh, colorful, flawless flowers – never browned, brittle, or crushed botanicals.

The Perfect Floral Craft Supplies Kit

Eager crafters and artisans will find this pressed flower set has everything needed for bringing vibrant natural flair to DIY projects and designs. The bountiful variety of flowers, leaves, and butterflies guarantee dynamic color and interest. It makes an ideal starter kit for resin jewelry beginners but also has enough materials to satisfy experienced crafters.

Spare yourself the effort of drying and pressing flowers on your own and enjoy effortless crafting with this ready-to-use assortment. For anyone who loves working with natural botanical elements, this Set has an unmatched selection of quality dried flowers, leaves, and creative extras like the butterfly stickers.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

YouthBro stands behind the quality of this pressed flower set. Enjoy a 180 day warranty so you can purchase with total confidence. If you are ever unsatisfied or have issues with the flowers arriving damaged, YouthBro offers a no-questions-asked replacement guarantee.

Bring vibrant natural beauty into your handmade designs! Order the YouthBro 122PCS Real Nature Dried Pressed Flowers Set today.


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