YEQIN 3-Piece Quick Turn Fabric Tube Turner Set – Easily Invert and Shape Fabric Tubes for Sewing Projects




Tired of struggling to turn narrow fabric tubes right side out? Want an easier way to invert and shape fabric tubes for sewing projects? Look no further than the YEQIN 3-Piece Quick Turn Fabric Tube Turner Set.

This handy tube turning set includes 3 different sized tube turners to quickly and easily turn fabric tubes for a wide range of sewing and craft projects.

The set includes:

  • 3/16 inch (0.5 cm) cylinder – For 3/8 inch to 5/8 inch (0.9 cm to 1.6 cm) fabric tubes
  • 3/8 inch (0.9 cm) cylinder – For 3/4 inch to 1 inch (1.9 cm to 2.54 cm) fabric tubes
  • 1/2 inch (1.4 cm) cylinder – For 1 inch (2.54 cm) or larger fabric tubes

Whether you’re turning and shaping narrow straps, ties, piping or other cylindrical fabric pieces, these tube turners make the process so much easier than using unsharpened pencils, knitting needles or other makeshift turning tools.

The plastic cylindar design combined with the enclosed wood and metal rod allows you to quickly turn the fabric tube inside-out with ease. Just insert the appropriate sized tube turner into the end of the fabric tube, and smoothly pull the rod to invert the fabric onto the plastic cylinder. It creates a perfect turned cylinder every time!

These tube turners are a must-have turning tool for all sewers, quilters and crafters working with cylindrical fabric pieces.

Turn and Shape Fabric Tubes with Ease

Tired of fiddling with fabric tubes and turning them by hand? Struggling to insert safety pins and use unsharpened pencils to turn narrow straps or ties? The frustration ends now!

The YEQIN tube turner set allows you to quickly turn fabric tubes in just seconds. Just insert the appropriately sized plastic cylinder into the end of the fabric tube, and pull the enclosed rod in one smooth motion to turn the fabric onto the plastic form.

The tube turners create perfect turned cylinders or straps every time for a professional finished look. No more uneven turning or misshaping.

Whether you need to turn straps, ties, piping, casings or other cylindrical pieces, this tube turner set has you covered. The 3 graduated sizes allow you to turn small, medium and large diameter fabric tubes with ease.

Turn narrow 3/8 inch straps, 5/8 inch piping or 1 inch elastic casings without a struggle. The plastic cylinders provide a smooth surface to turn the fabric onto, preventing snagging or friction.

Say goodbye to makeshift turning tools and have fabric tubes turned perfectly in seconds!

High Quality Construction for Lasting Performance

The YEQIN tube turner set is crafted from quality materials designed for longevity and durability.

The plastic cylinders glide smoothly during turning without scratching or damaging delicate fabrics. Their graduated sizes are ideal for inverting a wide range of fabric tube diameters.

The firmly attached wood and metal rods provide rigid strength to easily turn fabric tubes inside-out in one smooth motion. There’s no flimsy bending during use.

The tube turners have a compact, lightweight design for easy storage. Keep them at your sewing station to have quick access when turning straps, ties and more.

With proper care, these tube turners will provide reliable turning performance project after project. A must-have fabric turning set for sewing enthusiasts!

Versatile Turning Tools for All Your Sewing Needs

Add this handy tube turning set to your sewing tools and enjoy quicker, easier fabric tube turning!

The YEQIN tube turners are perfect for:

  • Inverting and shaping narrow straps and ties
  • Turning piping, cording, welting
  • Shaping fabric tubes into perfect cylinders
  • Turning elastic casings and channels
  • Inverting curved fabric tubes
  • And so much more!

Cut down on sewing frustration and have fabric tubes turned right side out in seconds. No more wrestling with flimsy tools that bend and wrinkle delicate fabrics.

Experience smoother, faster tube turning results with every use. Tackle straps, ties, piping and other cylindrical pieces with ease using this handy tube turner set.

Every sewing room needs these smart tube turning tools ready for fabric wrangling! Transform the way you invert and shape fabric tubes today.


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