Xmada Clip-Style Beading Needles Set – Professional Jewelry Making Kit for Bracelets, Necklaces, Pendants


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Discover the secret to flawless jewelry creations with this professional 4 piece beading needle set by Xmada. Designed for crafters, these high-quality carbon steel needles feature clip-style threading that makes stringing beads easier than ever.

Sturdy, Durable Needles for All Your Beading Projects

Tired of flimsy, bent needles that break and fray? These Xmada beading needles are constructed from strong, rigid carbon steel that can withstand even heavy use on tough materials like leather and wood beads without bending or breaking.

The clip-style plastic handle provides a comfortable, ergonomic grip so you can work on intricate designs for hours without hand strain or fatigue. Unlike needles that require rethreading, the unique clipping mechanism allows you to easily open and close the needle around your beadwork thread or wire while keeping tight tension for uniform, professional-looking pieces.

4 Versatile Sizes for Any Bead Hole Diameter

This convenient jewelry making set includes 4 of the most commonly used needle diameters – 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, and 0.7mm. With this variety, you’ll have the perfect size needle for all your beading projects using seed beads, pony beads, crystals, gemstones, and other hole bead styles between 0.4mm to over 0.7mm. No more struggles trying to string tiny beads on an oversized needle or forcing thick rope through a needle hole that’s too small.

The 6.7 inch length gives you ample room to string multiple beads at a time while still being easy to handle and control.

Craft Gorgeous Jewelry Like a Pro

Why spend money at bead shops for custom pieces when you can create your own beautiful, artisan-quality jewelry at home with this premium beading needle set?

Use the smallest 0.4mm needle to work with delicate seed bead weaving techniques and produce stunning earrings, amulet necklaces, and beaded bracelets. The 0.5mm and 0.6mm sizes are ideal for threading pony beads, freshwater pearls, gem chips, and other small to medium hole beads for necklaces and rosaries. For chunky statement beads, the 0.7mm needle easily slides through holes up to 1mm.

All needles feature a tapered tip to smoothly pierce through leather cords and sinew for boho chic bracelets. The smooth steel construction won’t fray delicate beading thread like lower-quality nickel needles.

Designed for Jewelry Makers & Beading Artisans

Serious hobbyists and professional jewelry artists need high-performance equipment that allows them to work efficiently. These beading needles glide smoothly to help you complete projects faster and the strong, durable steel means one set can last for years. The clear plastic handle provides a comfortable grip and the attached silver cap keeps the needles protected in storage.

Order the Xmada needle set today and enjoy frustration-free beading! Browse our storefront to see our full line of jewelry pliers, wire cutters, crimp tools, bead mats, and other top-quality supplies for beaders and DIY jewelry makers. Your next statement piece is just a few clicks away!


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