Wool Queen Premium 26.3”x19.6” Monk’s Cloth for Punch Needle Embroidery – High Quality Heavy Cotton Canvas Rug Base


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Bring your punch needle designs to life with this premium monk’s cloth from Wool Queen. Specially designed for rug punching, this heavy cotton canvas provides the perfect base for your next punch needle embroidery project.

The high 230gsm fabric weight gives excellent stitch definition so you can create stunning fiber art pieces. The tightly woven material has a balanced weave that won’t distort or lose shape over time. It’s ideal for both beginners learning the punch needle technique and experienced fiber artists tackling larger rugs.

At 26.3” x 19.6”, this generous sized monk’s cloth allows you to stitch medium sized rug punch designs up to 20” x 15”. The durable fabric can handle repeated needle punctures without fraying or unraveling at the edges. It has sealed sides too, so you don’t have to waste time finishing raw edges before you can start stitching.

Simply transfer your pattern onto the cloth then punch away! The heavy cotton construction provides good resistance as you push and pull the punch needle through. This makes it easier to achieve consistent, evenly spaced stitches for professional looking results.

Discover The Joy of Punch Needle Embroidery!

Punch needle rug hooking opens up amazing possibilities for fiber art creations. It’s a fun, relaxing way to make stunning wall hangings, pillows, rugs and more. This high quality monk’s cloth is the secret to success, giving you a flawless base for your punched embroidery designs.

The tightly woven cotton canvas prevents loops from slipping between threads or getting distorted. Colors stay true and designs keep their shape with no uneven shrinkage. The fabric backing adds stability so your finished pieces hang nicely when displayed.

With the right monk’s cloth, punch needle embroidery is simple to master. The specially designed needle easily penetrates the fabric, while the weighted handle gives you control over the looping process. It’s perfect for anyone aged 10+ and is a great hobby for craft lovers!

Premium Heavy Cotton For Flawless Stitching

This thick monk’s cloth is woven from durable long fiber cotton for excellent longevity. The higher thread count provides a tight weave that prevents loops being pulled through from the back. Punch your needle through confidently knowing stitches will be neat and consistent.

Pre-treated to resist fraying, raw edges stay sealed to prevent unraveling. As you punch the needle in and out, the heavyweight material provides just the right amount of resistance. This makes it easier to achieve a uniform looping height across your entire project.

Whether you’re a total beginner or seasoned textile artist, this high quality cloth allows you to create intricate rug punch designs with fantastic results!

Key Features:

– Made from 230gsm heavy cotton canvas
– Durable and resistant to fraying
– Tightly woven, balanced weave
– 26.3” x 19.6” size ideal for medium rugs
– Pre-treated sealed edges
– Provides perfect base for punch needle embroidery

Bring punch needle designs to life on this premium monk’s cloth from Wool Queen. With its flawless weave and heavyweight feel, it’s the best choice for rug punch embroidery. Order your monk’s cloth today and enjoy creating beautiful works of needlecraft art!


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