WENICE Magnetic Sewing Gauge for Straight & Accurate Seams




Sew straighter seams and hems with ease using the WENICE Magnetic Sewing Gauge. This handy sewing tool sticks securely to your sewing machine and guides your fabric perfectly for crisp straight stitching.

Magnetically Guides Fabric for Straight Sewing

The WENICE sewing gauge uses strong hidden magnets to keep it firmly in place as you sew. Simply position the gauge as far from the needle as you want the stitching line. As you sew, the gauge gently guides the fabric under the presser foot in a straight line for neat, accurate seams and hems. No more wobbly lines or uneven stitching!

Stays Put While You Sew

Two powerful magnets are embedded in the bottom of the gauge so it adheres securely to your sewing machine. The magnetic hold keeps the tool firmly in position next to the presser foot as you sew. No need to worry about the gauge shifting, sliding or moving while you work. The strong magnetic grip also allows you to reposition the tool quickly and easily.

Compatible With Most Sewing Machines

This handy universal sewing gauge attaches to most standard sewing machines, both mechanical and computerized. The tool is designed to work with a variety of domestic machine makes and models. Check that your machine bed has a magnetic surface before purchasing. Industrial machines are often not magnetic.

Guides Even Difficult Fabrics

The seam guide has a smooth bottom and the top piece that touches fabric has nicely rounded edges. This allows it to glide smoothly preventing snagging, even with delicate fabrics like silk and satin. No more tunnels from the fabric catching on guides!

Great for Beginners or Quick Projects

A sewing gauge helps any sewer stitch perfectly straight. New sewers will find this tool builds confidence by guiding fabric under the needle in a precise line. The magnetic gauge is also ideal when you need to quickly sew straight lines like hemming pants or stitching on trim. No need to get out the ruler and measure.

One Versatile Sewing Guide

This single gauge replaces a bulky sewing guide bar that fits in your machine. One compact tool allows you to seam, hem, topstitch, quilt and more. Use it when piecing quilts and the strong magnetic hold ensures it won’t shift while stitching precise patchwork.

Easy to See White Color

The sewing gauge is bright white so it’s highly visible against any fabric as you sew. The contrast makes it easy to position and align the guide. White also fits well with any sewing space decor.

Compact Size for Storage

The small trim size takes up barely any room in your sewing box or machine accessory case. Easily tuck it away after projects. The low profile also leaves plenty of space for your fabric to pass under the presser foot.

Designed for Accuracy

With an angled top surface, this guide has a precise corner edge that lets you match up seams and hems with total accuracy. The angled design and tapered shape also provides great visibility as you sew.

Quality Construction

Made from durable plastic with embedded heavy-duty magnets, this sewing tool is built to last through project after project. The smooth finish resists scratches from pins and needles.

Versatile Sewing Tool for All Sewers

The WENICE Magnetic Sewing Gauge simplifies hemming, seaming, quilting and more. Both beginners and experienced sewers will find it indispensable for achieving perfectly straight stitching on all fabrics. The strong magnetic hold keeps it firmly in place while its smooth edges prevent snagging. For neatly sewn projects, add this quality gauge to your sewing box now!


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