Upgrade Your Drawers and Workspaces with Luxurious Self-Adhesive Velvet Flocking Liner


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Add a touch of luxury and elegance to your drawers, cabinets, craft rooms, workbenches, and more with this rich and vibrant self-adhesive velvet flocking liner. Perfect for jewelry storage, craft projects, desk organization, and enhancing any space.


  • Soft Velvety Texture – Made of high-quality velvet flocking material with a plush, velvety texture. Provides a smooth, non-scratch surface to protect your valuables.
  • Self-Adhesive Backing – Features a peel and stick adhesive backing for quick and easy application. Easily cut to size with scissors or a utility knife.
  • Deep Red Color – Available in a beautiful deep red color that looks stylish and sophisticated. Complements a variety of drawer interiors.
  • Great for Organization – Helps keep jewelry, craft supplies, office items, and more neatly organized and free from damage. Minimizes noise and friction.
  • Multipurpose Liner – Use it in drawers, boxes, cabinets, craft rooms, workbenches, desks, display shelves, and anywhere you want a touch of luxury.
  • Easy to Install – Simply measure the surface, cut to size, peel away backing, and press firmly in place. Quick DIY upgrade.

Decorate and protect your home workspace with the luxurious look and feel of velvet. This self-adhesive velvet flocking liner makes it easy to add a rich, elegant touch to any drawer, box, or shelving space. The peel-and-stick application allows you to install in minutes without tools or mess.

Luxe Velvet Lining for an Elegant Storage Solution

Traditional velvet is associated with luxury and sophistication. This velvet flocking liner brings the same rich, opulent look in a convenient self-adhesive roll. The deep red color looks stunning and adds a pop of vibrancy to drawers, craft rooms, jewelry storage, cabinetry, and anywhere you want to upgrade with stylish texture.

Simply cut the velvet to the desired size and peel off the backing paper to reveal the adhesive surface underneath. Smooth it into place for an instant decor upgrade. The soft velvety pile has a smooth, plush feel and provides a protective barrier between your valuables and the hard surfaces of your furniture.

Keep Your Treasured Items Safe from Scratches and Tarnishing

Jewelry is prone to scratches, tarnishing, and damage when pieces rub and bang against each other or come into contact with rough surfaces. Protect your precious metals, pearls, gems, and other fine jewelry pieces by lining your jewelry box, armoire, or drawer with this elegant velvet material.

The soft texture creates a protective cushion between surfaces to prevent friction damage. It also helps minimize noise from rattling and sliding. Your valuables stay properly stored and free from scratches or scuffs. Use it to line shelves, desktops, or anywhere you store and display special items.

Organize Your Craft Room in Style

Bring a touch of luxurious texture to your craft room or hobby space. Use this velvet liner to decorate shelves, drawers, storage boxes, desktop surfaces, pegboards, and more. The rich material looks beautiful while also keeping your beads, sewing notions, art supplies, and other small craft accessories protected and organized.

The velvety surface helps minimize noise from shaking containers and moving parts around. It also keeps tiny items from getting lost in cracks or falling behind furniture. Simply cut pieces to size and adhere them anywhere you want to add flair while also creating neat storage for all your creative projects.

Easy DIY Installation – No Special Skills or Tools Needed

This self-adhesive velvet liner couldn’t be simpler to install. There’s no need for nails, glue, staples, or other permanent mounting hardware. The peel-and-stick application allows you to upgrade in minutes using just household scissors or a utility knife to cut.

Follow These Easy Steps:

  1. Measure and cut the velvet flocking to your desired size and shape.
  2. Peel away the backing paper to expose the adhesive surface.
  3. Press the velvet firmly into place on your surface and smooth evenly.

You can easily remove and reposition the velvet lining as needed. When it’s time to change the color or refresh your space, it peels away cleanly without leaving behind sticky residue or damage. Dress up your living space with this quick DIY project for an affordable home upgrade.

Enhance Any Space with Posh, Plush Velvet

Lining your drawers, shelves, boxes, craft rooms, and other surfaces with velvet instantly elevates the look and feel of any space. This flocking liner comes in a versatile deep red shade that complements a variety of room styles from modern to traditional.

Use it to:

  • Line jewelry armoires, chests, boxes
  • Decorate craft rooms, sewing rooms, workshops
  • Organize offices, studies, desks
  • Accent display cabinets, shelving, bookcases
  • Coat the inside of trinket boxes, keepsake chests

Wherever you choose to apply this velvet liner, it’s sure to add a touch of sophistication. The self-adhesive backing allows you to transform your space in minutes without spending a fortune.

Upgrade your home with the luxurious touch of velvet today!


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