TWOHANDS Art Pen Set – 12 Pack of Pigment Ink Fineliners for Drawing, Writing, Journaling and Sketching


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Unleash your creative potential with this versatile 12-piece art pen set from TWOHANDS! These high-quality pigment ink pens are perfect for artists, students, engineers and anyone who loves to draw.

The set includes 12 pens with nib sizes ranging from ultra-fine 0.2mm to bold 3.0mm. Each pen has archival quality waterproof ink that dries quickly without smudging or bleeding. The ink is also fade-resistant and chemical-resistant so your artwork stays vibrant for years.

Nib sizes in this set are:

  • 0.2mm – For tiny details and technical drawing
  • 0.25mm
  • 0.3mm
  • 0.35mm
  • 0.4mm
  • 0.45mm
  • 0.5mm
  • 0.6mm
  • 1.0mm – Great for outlines and journaling
  • 2.0mm – For vivid bold lines
  • 3.0mm – Thickest lines
  • Brush pen – For blending and calligraphy

With this versatile range, you can create anything from delicate sketches to bold manga art. The flexibility allows endless creative potential whether drafting technical illustrations or hand lettering.

These drawing pens feature high-grade plastic barrels in a triangle shape for optimal grip and control. The nibs glide smoothly across all types of paper from sketchbooks to canvas.

TWOHANDS pens are ideal art supplies for:

  • Sketching
  • Drawing
  • Writing
  • Doodling
  • Bullet journaling
  • Comic books
  • Manga
  • Anime
  • Crafting
  • Scrapbooking

The ink flows consistently without skipping or blotting. Pens have metal clips and comfortable rubber grips for reduced hand fatigue during long creative sessions.

Each pen is labeled with its nib size for easy identification. The complete set comes in a durable fabric zippered case to keep your pens organized when not in use.

Made from high-quality materials, these pens make fantastic gifts for artists, creatives and hobbyists. Surprise a loved one with a set for birthdays, holidays or any special occasion!

Some tips for using your new TWOHANDS art pens:

  • Store horizontally to keep ink flowing smoothly.
  • Replace cap securely when not in use.
  • Don’t press too hard, let the pen glide.
  • Use gentle strokes for best ink flow.
  • Clean nibs occasionally by gently wiping.

Unleash your inner artist or designer with this versatile 12-piece drawing pen set! Create vivid technical illustrations, whimsical doodles, inspiring art and anything your imagination dreams up.

The high-quality TWOHANDS art pens featuring waterproof archival ink provide excellent creative versatility. Order your set today and enjoy smooth vibrant drawing and writing!


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