Transform Your Garments with Vibrant, Wash-Proof Prints Using Goefun DTF Transfer Film Paper


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Create stunning custom designs directly on fabric with ease using Goefun DTF Transfer Film Paper. This innovative A4 transfer paper lets you achieve professional-quality results in the comfort of your own home.

With Goefun DTF transfer paper, you can print vibrant, polyester-based ink directly onto the film. There’s no weeding or pretreating required! Just cut, press, and reveal eye-catching graphics on t-shirts, tote bags, hats and more in minutes.

Premium Double-Sided Matte Film for Crisp, Vivid Printing

Goefun double-sided matte DTF paper is crafted from high-quality PET material that readily absorbs dye-sublimation inks. The opaque film allows for precise prints with rich, saturated hues that pop against any fabric color – even darks!

Once transferred, the ink bonds permanently to poly-cotton blends and 100% polyester garments. It won’t crack, fade or peel off over time or after washing.

Customize Apparel, Bags, Phone Cases & More with Free Rein

Unleash your creativity and design one-of-a-kind pieces! This DIY-friendly transfer paper accommodates small detailed graphics, fonts and illustrations.

Use it to make:

– Personalized t-shirts, hoodies, aprons for the entire family
– Statement phone cases, laptop sleeves, clutches and beach bags
– Unique banners, labels and decorations for around the home

The possibilities are endless with 24 printable matte sheets included in each pack.

Transfers Made Simple – Even for Beginners

Goefun makes DTF printing effortless for crafters of all skill levels. Follow these easy steps for flawless results:

1. Print your image or text onto the coated side of the transfer paper using a desktop DTF printer loaded with the right DTF ink. Avoid touching the printed surface before pressing.

2. Cut out your design, then preheat your heat press to 356-392°F. Place the transfer print-side down onto your fabric.

3. Press firmly for 20 seconds, using medium pressure. Wait for it to cool completely before peeling off the film.

4. Your vibrant, wash-proof design is ready! For soft feel, stretch the fabric after the transfer cools.

Works On All Fabric Colors – Darks, Lights & More

The high-opacity film allows inks to fully absorb, ensuring rich colors translate well to any garment shade.

Make striking designs on black, red, blue and other darks without losing vibrancy. Or opt for pastels on whites and lights that remain soft and balanced.

Use With DTF Printers for Optimal, Eco-Friendly Printing

To unlock the full potential of Goefun transfer paper, pair it with a compatible DTF printer for image-quality results. These specialized printers apply the right amount of precision ink for vivid transfers.

Sublimation ink is also more environmentally friendly compared to solvent-based varieties. When printed onto polyester, it embeds durable dyes without harmful chemicals.

Simple Storage for On-Demand Use

The transfer film sheets are conveniently packaged in a protective bag to prevent exposure. Store unused sheets flat and away from direct sunlight until you’re ready to create your next masterpiece.

With 24 printable sheets in each A4-sized pack, you’ll have plenty of transfers ready when inspiration strikes!

Achieve Picture-Perfect Results Every Time

While DTF printing isn’t difficult, there are tips for ensuring eye-catching results:

– Use DTF powder and apply liberally over the inked transfer right after printing. This helps the ink bond securely to fabric.

– Make sure your fabric is 100% polyester or at least 50% poly-cotton for best wash-durability.

– Follow heat press time and temperature guidelines carefully for vivid colors and touchable finishes.

– Stretch fabric gently after pressing and before washing to prevent boxiness and shrinkage.

With practice, you’ll be designing pro-level graphics that withstand even hot washes and dryer cycles!

Cost-Effective Way to Create Custom Apparel & Gifts

Purchasing pre-made customized items can be pricey. With Goefun DTF paper, you can print one or dozens of transfers for a fraction of the cost.

Whether you’re outfitting a sports team, making trendy boutique wares, or designing unique gifts for loved ones, these DIY transfers offer value while still delivering professional results.

Discover Hassle-Free Sublimation Printing

Elevate your t-shirts, apparel and accessories with vivid, full-color graphics using Goefun DTF Transfer Film. This innovative paper makes sublimation printing mess-free and achievable right from home.

Get creative and design completely custom fabrics, mugs, phone covers and more in just minutes! With this handy transfer material, adding a personal touch has never been easier.


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