TOAOB 950pcs 1 Inch Assorted Color Pompoms – Endless Creativity for Arts, Crafts & Decor


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Unlock unlimited DIY potential with this massive 950 piece pompom variety pack by TOAOB. With 19 vibrant colors included, you’ll have every hue you need to make pom pom art, decorations, accessories, toys and more!

Premium Quality Polypropylene Pompoms

These pom poms are constructed from top grade polypropylene fiber that’s built to last. The fluffy yarn won’t fade, shrink or fall apart with use. Each pompom has a soft, fuzzy texture you’ll love working with. Measuring 1 inch in diameter, they’re great for all kinds of crafting projects.

19 Rich, Vibrant Colors for Every Project

With 19 different colors, you’ll have every hue you need to make pom pom masterpieces. The assortment includes red, orange, yellow, light green, green, dark green, blue, purple, pink, black, white, navy, aqua, dusty rose, brown, lime, lilac, sky blue and grey. Colors are packaged individually so they stay neat and organized.

950 Pompoms Offer Tons of Variety

Why settle for a pack of 100 pompoms when you can have nearly 1,000 pieces to work with? With 50 pompoms in each of the 19 colors, the options are almost endless. Make multi-colored garlands, sculpt stunning 3D art pieces, or make enough pom pom critters for the whole family.

Includes 100 Adhesive Wiggly Eyes

In addition to the 950 pompoms, you also get 100 self-adhesive wiggly eyes to take your projects to the next level. Add personality and whimsy to pom pom animals, monsters, dolls and more. The googly eyes bring any creation to life!

Fluffy Pompoms Are Great for Crafting

These fuzzy pom poms aren’t just pretty, they’re fun to work with! The soft texture makes them perfect for all kinds of arts and crafts. Sew them onto clothes and accessories. Use them to embellish gifts and home décor. Weave them into braids and garlands. Options are endless!

Make Adorable Pompom Animals & Critters

Let your imagination run wild making the cutest pompom animals. With the assorted colors and wiggly eyes, you can create dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, sea creatures, forest animals, dinosaurs and more. Fun for kids and adults alike!

Decorate for Parties & Holidays

Deck out for your next celebration with pom pom garlands, ornaments and mobiles. Make sweet pompom chicks and bunnies for Easter. Style spooky spiders and ghosts for Halloween. Craft mini pompom Santas and snowmen for Christmas. Their festive flair adds cheer to any party!

Embellish Gifts with Creative Pompoms

Make your presents extra special this year. Adorn wrapping paper and gift bags with colorful pom poms. Sew them onto clothes and accessories for cute gift toppers. Arrange them into bouquets for memorable gifts. Get creative embellishing gifts!

Endless Options for Fun Kid Crafts

Let kids explore their creativity with this huge variety of pompoms! They’re ideal craft supplies for daycares, schools, camps, scouts, birthday parties and rainy days. Supervise young children during use.

Excellent Value for Money

With 950 quality pompoms in 19 vivid colors, all for this low price, this mega pack offers excellent value. You get tons of supplies to make endless DIY crafts and decorations without breaking the bank.

Have Fun Crafting Together

Gather friends and family for lively craft sessions! Pull out this pompom variety pack and get creative making artworks, accessories and decorations. With so many pieces, everyone can join in the fun.

Spark Imagination with Pompom Art

Set your inner artist free! Arrange rainbow pompom patterns into sculptures and tabletop art pieces. Glue diverse colors and sizes in abstract 3D designs. The textured whimsy of pompoms makes masterpieces full of delight.

Design One-of-a-Kind Fashion Pieces

Add tactile beauty to your wardrobe with pompom earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hats, scarves and more. Coordinate colors to match your personal style. Give as gifts from the heart to loved ones.

Pompoms Galore for Crafting Fun

With nearly a thousand vibrant pompoms packed into this incredible assortment, crafters of all ages will be stocked up for hours of creative fun. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

We Know You’ll Love These Pompoms

We’re so confident you’ll be pleased with the quality, variety and value of this pompom pack, we back it with a total satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll make it right.

Now is the perfect time to grab this amazing 950 piece pompom variety pack and start crafting your next masterpiece. With TOAOB, unleash your creativity and have fun DIYing today!


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