Stretchy Elastic String for Crafting Beaded Jewelry


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Create stylish beaded bracelets, necklaces and more with this high quality 1mm black elastic cord from FANDAMEI. The 20 meter roll provides plenty of stretchy and durable jewelry making material to bring your unique designs to life.

This elastic string is specifically designed for jewelry making and beading projects. At 1mm diameter, it fits most bead holes and provides a perfect balance of stretch and strength. Easily string beads onto the flexible cord, then tie ends together to create an adjustable, no-clasp bracelet or necklace.

Highly Elastic & Durable Jewelry Cord

The FANDAMEI elastic cord consists of quality polyester fibers and latex silk wrapped in a stretchy black polyester sleeve. This construction gives it excellent stretch and recovery, allowing the cord to flexibly fit wrists of any size.

Despite its flexibility, the string is remarkably strong and durable. It does not break easily under pressure. Your beaded jewelry designs will maintain structural integrity for years of regular wear.

The smooth polyester sleeve provides excellent bead grip and glides smoothly through bead holes. Friction is minimized so you can effortlessly string beads without snagging or fraying.

Easy Jewelry Making for All Skill Levels

Even first-time jewelry makers will find this elastic easy and fun to work with. The cord is soft and pliable, making it simple to tie secure knots. Follow online video tutorials to learn techniques like:

  • Stringing beads in unique patterns
  • Incorporating decorative focal beads
  • Making multi-strand bracelet designs
  • Attaching clasps or crimp ends (optional)

The stretchiness allows you to knot the ends to create an adjustable closure. No need for a clasp! Just tie knots and hide inside beads for a seamless, comfortable fit.

Explore endless design possibilities with diverse beads like:

  • Glass lampwork beads
  • Natural stone and gemstones
  • Wooden beads
  • Acrylic beads
  • Metal beads

Let your imagination run wild designing one-of-a-kind jewelry! This elastic string makes the process rewarding for crafters of all experience levels.

High-Quality Jewelry Making Materials

This FANDAMEI elastic cord is crafted to meet the highest standards for jewelry making. Key benefits include:

  • Strong & stretchy – Maintains tension and evenly stretches up to 2x its length
  • Durable – Holds up to regular bending and shaping without damage
  • Smooth surface – Prevents friction and glides easily through bead holes
  • Secure bead grip – Holds beads firmly in place while allowing movement

With 20 meters of flexible elastic beading material, you’ll have plenty to complete multiple jewelry pieces and sets. The lightweight spool is also portable so you can bead on-the-go.

Choose from black or other colors to perfectly coordinate with your beadwork designs. Bring your unique jewelry visions to life with this high-performing elastic string from FANDAMEI!


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