Stretchy Bracelet String – Black & White Elastic Cord for Jewelry Making, Beading and Crafts


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Craft your own unique bracelets, necklaces and more with this high-quality stretchy bracelet string. With two rolls totaling 330 feet of durable, elastic cord, this versatile string set has all the brilliant basics you need to start creating.

Stretch, Style and Craft with Ease

This stretchy bracelet cord makes jewelry design wonderfully easy. The elastic polyester-nylon blend offers just the right amount of give to easily slip on and off wrists and necks. Unlike traditional clasps and ties, the springy flexible cord allows your handmade pieces to be slipped on and worn immediately.

Simply cut your desired bracelet length, secure beads or charms with snug knots, then stretch the cord over your wrist for a custom, comfy fit. The smooth elastic glides gently over skin without pinching, pulling or irritating.

The convenience of the stretchy cord also makes these bracelet strings perfect for quick kids’ crafts and summer camp projects. Just tie on beads, shells or trinkets for fun wearable art in minutes.

Strong, Secure and Built to Last

While flexible and easy to use, this elastic cord is also remarkably sturdy. The tightly braided construction gives it excellent strength and durability to withstand daily wear. Knots hold securely, maintaining tension and preventing bead slippage.

Made from quality synthetic materials, the stretchy string is designed for longevity. The smooth elastic retains consistent flexibility over time without drying out, becoming brittle or developing bothersome kinks like natural rubber.

Even after repeated stretching and relaxing, the cord remains ultrasoft and bouncy. It holds up beautifully over months and years of use. Feel confident gifting your handmade bracelets or wearing your own fabulous DIY designs every day.

Bold Basics – Black & White Poly Cord

With two classic color options, this stretchy bracelet string set has versatility covered. The black cord lends itself beautifully to neutral, monochromatic and modern designs. The white cord pops against metal beads and offers a clean, fresh backdrop for colorful stones.

These two hues coordinate seamlessly with every bead, charm and jewelry finding imaginable. Mix and match for custom multi-colored creations, or opt for chic, tonal pieces. From understated earth tones to brilliant brights, black and white cords work with absolutely everything.

Stock up on these must-have color basics for your beading and jewelry making needs. With 165 feet of each included, you’ll have plenty of versatile elastic to craft and gift for months on end.

Designed for Jewelry Making and Crafting

With the perfect thickness, stretch and strength, this elastic cord excels at jewelry making. The 1.5mm diameter gives ample room for a wide range of bead sizes to slide on securely. It’s thin enough for dainty designs, yet thick enough for statement pieces using larger beads or charms.

The smooth, supple feel gives even simple stretch cord bracelets a quality finish. The elasticity also allows for adjustable sizing, so your handmade necklaces and chokers can sit perfectly on any neck.

Beyond jewelry, this stretchy bracelet string has limitless uses for arts, crafts and imaginative projects. Sew it through kid’s clothing, use as drawstrings for gift bags, or tie togethercomponents for memorable DIY gifts. With two colors included, you can coordinate your creations or make fun multi-tonal designs.

Superior Value Elastic Cord Set

With 330 feet of high-grade elastic beading cord, this set delivers outstanding value for money. The bulk spool packaging means you can easily control the length you need for each project, reducing waste.

The knotted construction retains consistent flexibility and resistance over the full length of cord. There’s no need to worry about weak or stiff sections ruining your designs.

This professional-quality stretch cord is prized by jewelry makers for its durability, strength and smooth feel. Stock up and save on this essential elastic string for all your beading and crafting needs.

Designed for Crafters, Loved by Everyone

Jewelry makers, beaders and crafters of all skill levels love these stretchy bracelet strings for their quality and versatility. But the real joy comes when gifting your handmade creations.

See the delight on a child’s face when they receive a personalized stretchy bracelet, crafted with love. Watch a friend’s eyes light up as they unwrap a thoughtfully knotted necklace, made just for them.

With this elastic cord set, you have all the materials you need to start spreading joy, creativity and meaning through handmade gifts from the heart.

Stretchy Bracelet String Details

  • Package includes two 165 foot rolls of 1.5mm stretchy elastic cord (330 feet total)
  • Available in classic black and white colors
  • Braided construction of durable nylon and polyester
  • Flexible, smooth stretch cord with excellent strength and knotting ability
  • Elasticity allows bracelets and necklaces to easily slip on and off
  • Cord stretches firmly without over-extending – retains shape and rebounds well
  • Easy to cut to desired length with scissors
  • Ideal for handmade jewelry, beading projects, gifts, kids crafts and more

Start Crafting with Complete Confidence

With 330 feet of stretchy beading cord in two gorgeous colors, this set has you covered for all your jewelry making and crafting needs. The quality elastic withstands daily stretching and relaxing without loosening or becoming brittle over time. It provides the perfect starting point for creating meaningful, customized gifts and wearable art pieces that recipients will treasure for years to come.


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