Store Up to 60 Sparkling Diamond Paintings in this Handy A3 Portfolio Book


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Diamond painting is an addictive hobby, but dealing with finished canvases can be a challenge. Where do you keep them all neatly and safely? Introducing the must-have diamond painting organizer for crafters – the A3 Storage Book!

This portfolio binder provides the perfect solution for organizing and protecting up to 60 of your dazzling drilled paintings. Clear sleeve pages allow you to slip canvases in back to back, while also showing off a glimpse of your artwork.

With 30 sturdy pages, each holding 2 paintings in reinforced sleeves, you’ll finally have a tidy way to keep your collection safe from rips, creases, and damage.

The large A3 size (17.3″ x 12.8″) gives you ample room for most standard 5D diamond paintings. Fits even 30cm x 40cm paintings with ease.

Keep Your Diamond Artwork Protected and Organized:

  • 30 heavyweight pages hold 60 paintings in back to back sleeves
  • Clear slip-in sleeves provide scratch protection and keep paintings flat
  • Waterproof and durable polypropylene material
  • Reinforced binding won’t warp or crack over time
  • Compact portfolio case for easy storage and transportation

If you’ve run out of wall space for displaying your growing collection of completed diamond art, this storage binder is the perfect solution.

You can neatly tuck away finished paintings while keeping them in pristine condition. No more worrying about dust, dirt, bending, and damage! The clear sleeves even help flatten any creases from rolled up canvases.

Having all your artwork together in one organizer makes it so easy to flip through and admire your own gallery. You can also easily swap out canvases in frames.

With the A3 book’s generous 30 page capacity, you’ll finally have a tidy storage spot ready for your next masterpieces. Never feel like you have to take down old paintings to make space for new!

Diamond Painters Love Using This Book to:

  • Store up to 60 finished drilled paintings in one place
  • Easily browse through their collection of artwork
  • Keep paintings protected from dirt, dust, rips, wrinkles
  • Carry paintings and swap them in and out of frames
  • Free up wall space while keeping artwork handy
  • Share their paintings with friends and family by passing the book around

Whether you have dozens of completed paintings or just a few precious pieces, you’ll appreciate keeping them safe in this portfolio storage binder.

The sturdy construction means you can also transport your artwork with ease. Bring the binder along todiamond painting clubs or conventions to show off your creations!

When you want to change up your display, it’s simple to pop canvases in and out of frames as you please. You’ll always have quick access to your entire collection.

Give each creation the protection and organization it deserves. Never waste time rummaging around through messy piles trying to find your paintings. They will always be filed neatly together in this book!

Store All Kinds of Diamond Paintings – From Abstracts to Scenery:

  • Sparkling animal portraits like owls, tigers, and wolves
  • Intricate mandalas and mesmerizing geometric patterns
  • Popular pop culture characters and icons
  • Vibrant floral designs with rainbow-colored petals
  • Peaceful nature images of trees, waterfalls, and sunsets
  • Inspiring religious figures, crosses, and bible verses
  • Delicate butterflies, dragonflies, birds, and bees

Whether your diamond art collection features bold and colorful abstracts, elegant flowers, or stunning landscapes, keep them looking their best locked away in this portfolio storage binder.

Never struggle with loose canvases crammed into boxes and bins. Give them the specialized protection they deserve and keep your treasured artwork tidy and secure with the A3 Diamond Painting Storage Book!


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