Spectrum Noir Arts Highly Pigmented 40-Color Alcohol Ink Set – Vibrant Paints for Resin Art, Acrylics, Tumblers, and More


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Unleash your inner artist with this expansive 40-color alcohol ink set! Spectrum Noir Arts offers a rainbow of intense, vivid pigments to ignite your creativity for resin art, acrylics, glass decor, and more.

The versatile, concentrated alcohol dyes deliver striking effects. Metallic sheens, bright primaries, moody earth tones – mix, blend, and layer the bold hues for dazzling fluid art. The vibrant color washes and marbling take resin coasters, ornaments, petri dishes, and other projects to the next level!

High-Intensity Pigments for Vibrant Projects

This top-quality alcohol ink set features:

  • 28 rich non-metallic colors like Fiery Orange, Regal Purple, and Seafoam
  • 12 metallic colors including Bronze, Silver, and Radiant Gold

The highly concentrated formula ensures deep, opaque coverage. A little bit goes a long way, so you can create tons of projects with this set. The dye-based inks are extremely mixable for blending secondary colors.

Experiment with color combinations to make each piece unique. Layer complementary tones for dimensional effects. Let your imagination run wild with the versatile hues!

Premium Inks to Elevate Your DIY Projects

Spectrum Noir Arts alcohol inks are a cut above standard marker ink. They’re specifically formulated for crafters to take resin and acrylic art to the next level.

Key benefits:

  • Vibrant, lightfast pigments won’t fade over time
  • Non-clogging for smooth ink flow and mixing
  • Fast drying so colors don’t bleed together
  • Acid-free for safe use on all surfaces
  • Non-toxic when dry, safe for decorative crafts

The premium quality ensures outstanding performance on every project!

For All Your Alcohol Ink Crafting Needs

Unleash your creativity with endless possibilities using Spectrum Noir Arts inks:

Resin art – Swirl colorful inks into epoxy and UV resin to make stunning coasters, trays, jewelry, keychains, and more.

Fluid acrylic pouring – Mix with acrylic paints for vibrant abstract paintings on canvas, wood, and other surfaces.

Glass decor – Adhere inks between glass or plastic sheets to make one-of-a-kind platters, mirrors, and beads.

Tumblers – Create custom mugs, bottles, and vases with mesmerizing ink swirls under the glass.

Paper projects – Vibrant inks pop against black, white, or pastel sheets for stationery, cards, and scrapbooks.

Wood crafts – Use alcohol inks on wood slices, boards, and veneers for home decor pieces with character.

With 40 colors to play with, you’ll make treasured items for your home, great DIY gifts, and fun crafts to sell online or at craft fairs. The possibilities are endless with this high-quality ink set!

Designed for Artist-Grade Performance

Spectrum Noir Arts inks offer professional quality with convenient packaging. Key features:

  • Leakproof bottles with eyedroppers for mess-free use
  • 10ml bottle size for portability
  • Labels marked with color names and codes
  • Handy bottle opener to prevent spills
  • Gloves and pipettes for controlled application

The well-designed set has everything to help both beginners and experts unleash their creative talents. Discover the joy of resin art and fluid acrylic pouring with this versatile 40-color alcohol ink set!


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