Sooez Art Portfolios 11″x17″ Large Display Folder – Store & Organize Your Artwork in Style


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Bring museum-quality presentation to your artwork with the Sooez 11″x17″ Art Portfolio Folder. This expansive 17.75″ x 11.81″ portfolio offers 30 top-loading archival-grade sleeves to neatly store, protect, and display up to 60 pages of 11″ x 17″ artworks, photos, documents, and more.

Customize your portfolio with the included reversible spine insert. Tailor the exterior to your needs by labeling it with a title, your name, or subject matter. Inside, keep work neatly categorized with organizer tabs. Black backing sheets prevent distracting bleed-through, while anti-glare crystal clear sleeves provide unfettered viewing without removing artwork.

Built for artists, photographers, architects, designers, and anyone needing to archive and present oversized media, this art portfolio folder ensures your works are displayed as you intended. The heavy-duty construction features a rigid polypropylene cover that won’t bend, while non-stick sleeves allow you to smoothly insert artwork facing forward or backward. Secured bound sleeves lie flat when open for easy handling, and are top-loading so pages can be rearranged or removed without unbinding.

Product Highlights:

– 11″ x 17″ portfolio folder stores, protects, and displays up to 60 pages of oversized artwork
– 30 archival-grade, non-glare polypropylene sleeves for inserting 11.18″ x 17.4″ pages
– Black backing sheets prevent see-through and provide ideal display background
– Rigid polypropylene cover resists bending to prevent damage to contents
– Reversible spine label to customize portfolio exterior for quick ID of contents
– Top-loading sleeves are secured but can be rearranged or removed without unbinding
– Anti-stick sleeves for smoothly inserting/removing artwork facing forward or back
– Lays flat when open for easy page turning and handling
– Durable construction built to endure regular use and transport
– Acid-free and archival-safe for protecting irreplaceable original works

This expansive portfolio is a must-have for artists, photographers, designers, architects, and crafters who have oversized media they want to protect and beautifully present. The non-abrasive sleeves keep valuable artwork pristine, while the customizable spine label lets you organize portfolios by client, project, subject, or any method you need.

Display your proudest enlarged prints, broadsheet art pieces, oversized photographs, class projects, and any 17.75″ x 11.81″ pages you need to archive and transport. The Sooez 11″ x 17″ Portfolio is perfectly sized for storing artwork, proposals, concept sketches, silkscreen prints, posters, presentation boards, and any documents too large for standard folders.

With 30 sleeves, this portfolio stores up to 60 front-and-back pages of 11″ x 17″ media. The bound sleeves lie flat for easy handling, and top-loading design allows you to rearrange, remove, or flip pages without unbinding the portfolio. Black backing sheets provide an ideal neutral display background if inserted art is smaller than the sleeve size.

The durable polypropylene cover is waterproof and withstands bending to prevent damage to contents. Inside, each non-glare sleeve is made of archival-grade inert polypropylene for safely storing artwork without risk of bleed, leaks, or damage from acids and oils. Artwork faces slide in and out smoothly, while remaining secure within the portfolio.

From crafters and students to artists and photography enthusiasts, creative minds will love presenting their oversize works in this 11″ x 17″ portfolio folder. With museum-quality sleeves to protect your creations, you can transport and showcase your portfolio anywhere.

What’s Included:

– 1 x Rigid Polypropylene Cover Portfolio Folder
– 30 x Top-Loading 11″ x 17″ Archival Polypropylene Sleeves
– 60 x Backing Sheets
– 1 x Reversible Spine Label


– Folder Dimensions: 17.75″ x 11.81″ x 0.8″
– Sleeve Dimensions: 11.18″ x 17.4″
– Sleeve Quantity: 30
– Material: Polypropylene Plastic
– Weight: 2.2 lbs

Ideal For Storing, Protecting & Displaying:

– Oversize prints & enlargements
– Photographs & film stills
– Drawings, sketches & mixed media
– Posters, flyers & broadsheet articles
– Documents & manuscripts
– Sheet music & song lyrics
– Graphic design illustrations
– Architectural sketches & plans
– Silkscreen art & poster prints
– Presentation boards & proposals
– Crafts, scrapbook pages & cards
– Anything needing protection on 11″x17″ pages!

Treat your oversized creations to the archival-quality protection and professional presentation they deserve. Order the Sooez 11″ x 17″ Art Portfolio Folder today and keep your artwork stored in style!


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