SINGER Sewing Machine Accessory Kit – All the Tools You Need for Creative Sewing Projects


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Unlock your sewing machine’s full potential with the SINGER Sewing Accessory Kit. This kit contains 9 different presser feet, a twin needle, and a durable custom case to keep everything organized. With the versatile presser feet, you’ll have the right tool for any sewing technique or fabric type.

9 Presser Feet for Versatile Sewing

The 9 presser feet in this kit allow you to sew various stitches and techniques that can be difficult or impossible with a standard presser foot. Here are the presser feet included:

Blind Hem Foot – Creates nearly invisible hems, perfect for skirts, pants, and home décor projects. The specialized design expertly guides the fabric for precise blind hem stitches.

Cording Foot – Adds elegant cording accents to sewing projects. The grooves on the bottom of the foot hold the cording in place for perfectly straight cording stitches.

Darning/Freehand Embroidery Foot – Ideal for free-motion sewing such as darning, embroidery, quilting, and monogramming. The open front provides full visibility and freedom.

Even Feed / Walking Foot – Feeds fabric evenly from top and bottom, preventing puckering on layered and difficult fabrics. Perfect for quilting, sewing knits, vinyl, leather, or any project that needs precise feeding.

Gathering Foot – Effortlessly gathers and attaches ruffles or other gathered sections in one step. The bottom of the foot is specially designed to simultaneously gather and stitch fabric.

Narrow Rolled Hem Foot – Makes narrow rolled hems along the edges of projects like scarves, napkins, and ruffles. The curled shape guides the fabric for the perfect slim hem.

Overcasting Foot – Prevents fraying by neatly finishing seam edges with an overlock stitch. Great for garment construction and craft projects.

Satin Stitch Foot – Provides the proper leverage and pressure for beautiful satin stitch designs. The groove on the underside keeps fabric flat.

Straight Stitch Foot – An essential all-purpose foot good for basic seams, topstitching, and decorative stitches on most fabrics. The bottom has a deep groove for smooth stitching.

Twin Needle for Double Stitched Details

This kit also includes a twin needle, perfect for adding professional double-stitch details like pintucks, hems and decorative accents. The twin needle creates two parallel rows of stitching in one pass for fast sewing.

Durable Custom Carrying Case

The included case keeps all the accessories organized and protected. It’s custom designed for SINGER feet with a removable padded insert to keep feet secure. The clear plastic lets you quickly see the contents. The durable case is ideal for storage and makes a great accessory kit for classes and travel.

Designed for Most Low-Shank Sewing Machines

This accessory kit is designed to work with most household low-shank sewing machines, however please check your manual to confirm compatibility. Low-shank machines have a short distance from the needle bar to the presser foot, such as SINGER, Brother, Janome, Kenmore and more.

Unlock Your Machine’s Full Creative Potential

With the SINGER Sewing Accessory Kit, you’ll have all the tools you need for creative sewing projects. Switch presser feet and techniques easily for professional results on any fabric type. Access specialty stitches and abilities your machine was built for. Gift it to a sewing friend to help them get more use out of their own machine. Discover just how much you can create with the right accessories!


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