Simthread Machine Embroidery Thread 1000M White 001 with Storage Box Polyester 15 Spools Set for Embroidery Quilting Machine


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Unlock your machine’s full potential with this versatile set of Simthread embroidery threads! This set includes 15 spools of strong, lustrous white polyester thread, perfect for all your quilting and embroidery projects. The 1000M (1100 yard) thread lengths ensure you’ll have plenty of each color on hand.

Premium Quality Polyester Thread

Simthread only uses premium quality polyester filaments to craft embroidery threads that are engineered for superior performance. The high-tensile strength polymer withstands high speeds and temperatures without fraying or breaking. And the brilliant sheen adds vibrance to your stitches for professional-looking results.

Compatible With Most Machines

With the ideal 40wt weight, Simthread machine embroidery thread is approved for use with leading embroidery machine brands like Brother, Singer, Janome, and more. It flows smoothly through the needle and bobbin without tangling or jamming. The polyester fiber also holds color dyes better than other materials to prevent fading.

Vibrant Long-Lasting White

Update your thread collection with 15 versatile white spools. Crisp clean white is a stitching staple that complements any color combination. Use it as your foundation for appliques or as contrast stitching. The colorfast pigments retain their bright white shade through repeated laundering.

Organized Storage

The clear plastic storage box keeps your workspace neat and organized. The see-through lid allows you to easily identify colors. Stackable compartments efficiently store threads upright and prevent tangling. Integrated dividers separate and dispense one spool at a time to prevent messy unraveling.

Embellish All Your Projects

Unleash your creativity! This multi-purpose thread is ideal for embroidery, monogramming, quilting, sewing, crafting, upholstery, and more. Stitch delicate embroidery, personalize baby blankets, piece quilts, make plush toys, or sew clothing. With strong, colorfast thread, you can bring any design imaginable to life.

Technical Details:

  • Set contains 15 spools of white polyester machine embroidery thread
  • Each spool is 1000M (1100 yards) long
  • Made of 100% polyester with a brilliant sheen
  • 40 weight (wt) thread weight
  • Works smoothly with home and commercial embroidery machines
  • Colorfast pigments resist fading and bleeding
  • Clear plastic storage box with stacking lids to organize spools

Experience Superior Stitch Quality

Say goodbye to frustrating thread breaks, tangles, and skipped stitches. Simthread machine embroidery thread is engineered to be strong, smooth, and consistent for flawless stitch formation. The tri-lobal polyester fiber effortlessly glides through high-speed machine mechanics. Plus it holds up to repeated abrasion without fraying or fuzzing.

Upgrade your projects with vibrant, professional stitch work. Order the Simthread 15 Spool Polyester Embroidery Thread Set today!


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