Shuttle Art All-Inclusive 168 Piece Painting Kit for Artists




Experience the joy of painting with Shuttle Art’s all-inclusive 168 piece deluxe painting set. This comprehensive kit provides everything you need to explore a range of artistic mediums and unlock your creative potential.

Complete Selection of Paints and Canvases

The Shuttle Art painting set allows you to work with four diverse paint types to discover your favorite or experiment with new techniques. It includes 30 vivid acrylics, 24 watercolors, 24 oil paints, and 24 gouache paints.

You’ll also get canvas panels and stretched canvas in multiple sizes to take on paintings big or small. The kit also provides paper pads designed for each paint type – cold press for watercolor, canvas textured for acrylics, and heavy stock for oils and gouache.

All the Essential Art Tools

Along with paints and surfaces, this kit equips you with versatile brushes, palettes, and accessories for every application. It comes with 3 sets of premium soft bristle brushes for detailed work or broad sweeping strokes. Dual paint cups help you seamlessly blend colors. Canvas and palette knives provide unique texture options.

Sponges, paint buckets, a foldable stand, and eraser pencil allow you to organize your workspace and correct mistakes. Everything was carefully selected so you can focus on your artistic vision.

Customizable Indoor/Outdoor Easels

Shuttle Art includes two adjustable easels that let you set up your painting station anywhere inspiration strikes. The wooden tabletop easel folds flat like a box for easy storage and features an interior supply compartment. Angles can be adjusted for sitting or standing.

The lightweight aluminum field easel is ideal for outdoor painting. It retracts to a compact size and lets you customize the height up to 5.6 ft high. The tripod base keeps your work steady on uneven terrain.

Premium Quality Materials

This kit is stocked with artist-grade supplies that meet or exceed safety standards. The vibrant paints provide superior coverage. The brushes are made with tightly bound soft bristles for detailed strokes and resilience. Each component is built to last through countless creative endeavors.

Thoughtful All-Inclusive Gift

Give the gift of art with this all-encompassing 168 piece paint set. Budding artists can explore new mediums. Experienced painters add to their tool collection. It has everything needed for creative expression and comes neatly packed in a carrying case, making it easy to gift and store.

Bring professional-level supplies and versatility to your artistic journey with the Shuttle Art Painting Kit. Discover new techniques, share your passion for painting, and create masterpieces with this comprehensive studio in a box.


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