Sexyppl 3PCS Crab/Octopus/Clown Fish Needle Minder for Cross-Stitch – Marine Animal Needle Keepers for Embroidery, Magnetic Stitch Protectors, Needlework Accessories




Take an underwater adventure with this set of 3 adorable marine animal needle minders from Sexyppl! This set includes a cute clown fish, a delightful crab, and a charming octopus – all ready to hold your needles while you stitch away on your next cross-stitch or embroidery project.

These high quality needle minders are more than just cute decorations – they serve an important purpose for needleworkers. The strong magnet on the back securely holds needles in place, preventing lost needles that slip into furniture or clothes. No more hunting around for a stray needle! Just lightly stick your needle on the magnetic back of the needle minder when taking a break, and it will stay put.

The strong magnet means you can comfortably grip and move your fabric without knocking off the needle. Many needle minders on the market have weak magnets that easily disconnect from needles, but not these! Sexyppl designed these marine animal needle minders with extra powerful magnets that passed extensive testing, ensuring a super strong connection to needles. No more dropped and lost needles!

While the magnet on the back is all business, the front of the needle minders showcases fun, detailed animal designs:

  • A bright yellow and white striped clown fish with cute eyes and fins
  • A red crab with big eyes and claws ready to snip
  • A purple octopus with detailed suction cups on its tentacles

These cute ocean creatures will make stitching more enjoyable and add a pop of color to your projects. The compact size takes up little space yet stands out.

The needle minders have a quality metal alloy construction with smooth, polished edges. No cheap plastic here! The minders have just enough weight to keep needles steady without being overly heavy. While the magnet is extremely strong, the minders come apart easily when you need to store them separately.

Here are more details about this quality set of marine animal needle minders:

  • Packing List: Set includes 3 needle minders – clown fish, crab, and octopus
  • Premium Materials: Made from strong magnets and metal alloy with durable construction that passed extensive testing
  • Intimate Design: Strong magnet holds needles securely while stitching and prevents loss
  • Convenient Size: Compact size takes up little space yet is easy to spot
  • Fun Decor: Cute ocean animal designs add a pop of color and fun to stitching
  • Easy Storage: Minders separate easily for storage when not in use
  • Versatile Use: Holds needles for embroidery, cross-stitch, sewing, knitting, and more

Ditch your clumsy pincushions and enjoy hassle-free stitching with this ocean animal needle minder set! The adorable sea creatures keep your needles safely stored while bringing a smile to your face. The compact size is perfect for travel and storage in stitching bags. Take your needle minders along to stitching groups or workshops so you always have your needles at hand. They also make lovely gifts for the stitcher in your life!

Sexyppl stands behind these high quality, durable needle minders. However, please keep these use tips in mind:

  • Store minders separately when not in use to preserve magnet strength
  • Avoid hitting or beating the magnets to prevent damage
  • Keep away from children as the strong magnets could be hazardous if swallowed

Create beautiful cross-stitch artwork and embroidery without needle hassles! Let the clown fish, crab, and octopus hold your needles while you craft with your hands free. Order the Sexyppl Marine Animal Needle Minder set now!


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