Sew Straight Every Time with the Buddy Sew Magnetic Seam Guide




Craft pristine stitching and perfectly straight hems with the Buddy Sew Magnetic Seam Guide. This versatile sewing tool lets you easily sew precise seams and hems up to 6 inches wide. Its strong built-in magnet adheres securely to sewing machine plates, keeping your fabric in place for wrinkle-free sewing.

Whether you’re a pro sewing curtains, hemming jeans, or piecing quilts, this magnetic seam guide ruler boosts your accuracy and speed. The high-quality stainless steel ensures smooth fabric feeding and protection against nicks and scratches. Experience the satisfaction of straight stitching without veering off course, even through thick layers.

Seamless Sewing With Strong Magnetic Grip

What sets the Buddy Sew Magnetic Seam Guide apart is the unrivaled strength of its magnet. It stays anchored to your sewing machine plate without budging, shifting or slipping. The powerful magnetic force keeps your fabric taut and lined up properly, eliminating mistakes from uneven feeding.

Sew carefree knowing your fabric won’t distort or skew mid-stitch. The frustration of removing puckers and tucks after sewing is over. Simply position this magnetic guide where you want it, feed the fabric through, and enjoy wrinkle-free results.

Universal Use On All Sewing Machines

Compatible with every popular sewing machine brand, the Buddy Sew Magnetic Seam Guide suits sewers of all levels. Home crafters and professional sewing businesses alike find this guide convenient and easy to use. Attaching in seconds without tools, it’s ready when you are to sew.

Berninas, Singers, Brothers, Janomes, Elnas, Vikings, Pfaffs – the list goes on. This magnetic seam guide ruler works superbly with any machine. The versatility frees you to switch between machines without missing a beat. Experience hassle-free set up each time.

Guide and Protect Fabrics Simultaneously

The Buddy Sew Magnetic Seam Guide pulls double duty. The stainless steel construction glides fabrics smoothly while protecting from nicks and snags. The rounded edges ensure no torn threads or damage even on delicate materials like silks and satins.

Gone are the days of placing tape on sewing machine plates or eyeballing seam allowances. This magnetic ruler does the guiding, saving you time and frustration. Simply line up the fabric edge to the marked measurements for accurate sewing.

Enhance Your Sewing Accuracy

Sew straight stitching is a breeze with this magnetic seam guide tool. The clearly etched measurements along the steel edge make aligning fabric easy and precise. Create hems, seams, tucks, pleats, ruffles and more with expert results.

Cut down on mistakes and wasted time ripping out crooked stitching. Guide your fabric flawlessly whether sewing in straight lines or smooth curves. Get the satisfaction of perfect results without constant resewing.

Key Features and Benefits

– Built-in magnet – Adheres securely to sewing machine plates for wrinkle-free fabric feeding

– Stainless steel – Smooth gliding and nick-free fabric protection

– Universal use – Compatible with all sewing machine brands and models

– Marked measurements – Guides fabric edges for accurate seam allowances up to 6 inches

– Lightweight and portable – Take it anywhere; attaches in seconds without tools

– Smooth rounded edges – Prevents snags, torn threads and damage on fabrics

– Versatile sewing uses – Hems, seams, quilting, crafts, home decor and garment sewing

Experience the Joy of Straight Stitch Sewing

Frustrated with uneven stitching and crooked lines? Struggling with freehand sewing without a guide? The Buddy Sew Magnetic Seam Guide takes the guesswork out of sewing and brings you accurate results.

Imagine breezing through projects with perfectly straight lines. No more reverse sewing or picking out uneven stitches. This game-changing tool helps both beginners and experts achieve expert-level straight stitching.

Bring precision and ease to all your sewing projects with the Buddy Sew Magnetic Seam Guide. Scroll up and click Add to Cart now to sew straighter every time!


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