Satin Cord for Jewelry Making – 109 Yards Silky Smooth Nylon Beading and Crafting String


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Discover the silky smooth satin cord that crafters and jewelry makers love! This 109 yard spool of 1.5mm nylon satin cord is perfect for all your beading, knotting, and crafting needs.

The supple satin finish gives this cord a luxurious look and feel. Unlike rough nylon rope, this satin cord has a soft, silky texture that is gentle on your hands. The smooth surface also allows beads to glide effortlessly into place.

With 109 yards per spool, you have plenty of cord for all types of jewelry making, beading, and craft projects. The versatile white color coordinates beautifully with any beads and accessories. Use it to create charm bracelets, necklaces, lace chokers, keychains, bookmarks, hanging ornaments, gift wrapping accents, and more!

Unleash Your Creativity with Endless Possibilities

This satin beading cord is strong enough for heavy beads, yet delicate enough for dainty charm bracelets. The small 1.5mm width gives you great flexibility in design.

– Chinese Knotting and Macrame: Tightly braided satin cord is perfect for making elaborate Chinese knots and macrame patterns. The smooth finish helps keep the knots tight and clean. Create unique knotted bracelets, necklaces, bookmarks, keychains, etc.

– Beading: Strong satin cord makes an excellent beading string. Simply thread on beads for bracelets, necklaces, rosaries, headbands, anklets, etc. Melt the ends with a lighter to prevent fraying.

– Friendship Bracelets: Softer and more flexible than embroidery floss, this satin cord is great for woven friendship bracelets. Kids love working with the smooth, tangle-free cord.

– Jewelry Making: Use this strong nylon cord for stringing beads for necklaces, bracelets, rosaries, lanyards, and more. It also works for making knotted jewelry like pearl wraps.

– Crafting: Get creative with satin cord! Use it for gift wrapping bows, hanging ornaments, bookmarks, plant hangers, dreamcatchers, wall art, lace edging, bags, and so much more.

Superior Quality Satin Finish Cord

This satin cord is made from quality braided nylon that is durable yet soft. The unique satin fabric covering gives it a beautiful sheen and smooth feel.

The quality nylon strands are tightly braided and wrapped in the satin finish. This gives the cord excellent strength and flexibility for any project, large or small. The cord holds knots securely without excessive fraying or unraveling.

Unlike cheaper plastic-like cord, this satin nylon cord has a luxurious drape and sheen. The smooth finish prevents tangles and allows beads to slide easily into place. Hands glide flawlessly over the soft satin texture.

With proper care, the colors remain vibrant without bleeding or running. Simply spot clean as needed. Melt the ends with a lighter to prevent fraying.

Convenient and Tangle-Free Packaging

Say goodbye to messy spools! This satin cord comes neatly wound on a spool-less card. The special packaging keeps the cord neatly contained and tangle-free.

Simply unwrap the amount needed and cut with scissors. The remaining cord stays neatly in place for quick and easy storage. No more fumbling with unruly spools or dealing with tangled messes!

The compact card takes up little space in your craft bag or jewelry box. Easily pack it away or take it on-the-go. The cord also makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for crafters and jewelry makers.

Give your designs an elegant touch with this versatile satin beading cord! With 109 yards of smooth nylon cord, you can create an endless array of jewelry, crafts, knots, macrame, and more.

Order now to get the highest quality satin finish cord that crafters love!


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