QUEFE All-in-One Diamond Painting Storage Box Kit – 100 Slots Clear Bead Organizer with Complete Accessories for DIY 5D Diamond Art




The Ultimate Diamond Painting Supplies Kit for Crafters & Hobbyists

Experience the joy of diamond painting without any hassle or headache by using this all-inclusive organizer storage box set for all your sparkling needs!

If you love the satisfaction of creating beautiful works of art with vibrant tiny diamond resin drills, then this premium accessory kit is a must-have to keep your hobby fun, tidy and stress-free.

The QUEFE diamond painting kit contains 3 stackable clear plastic containers with secure latched lids to keep 100 removable beads storage bottles and all your essential tools neatly organized in one place!

Keep Thousands of Sparkling Diamond Drills Organized

The best part of this complete diamond embroidery kit are the 100 reusable round plastic bottles with screw-top lids that allow you to sort and safely store your drills by color, shape or project.

Each bottle can hold up to 1200-1500 pieces, so you’ll have room to organize thousands upon thousands of shiny little resin rhinestones for all your DIY diamond artworks. No more picking through messy piles of drills – now you can instantly see and grab the exact diamonds you need!

The compact portable bottles fit neatly inside the clear plastic storage bins, keeping all your glitzy supplies visible at a glance, protected from spills and clutter-free.

Stackable Storage Boxes Save Space

With their attached handles and stackable design, these durable 3-tier acrylic organizer boxes are perfect for keeping all your diamond painting equipment together yet neatly organized – whether on your desktop, craft room shelves, in storage cabinets or for transporting.

The transparent crates allow you to easily see contents without having to open. Latching lids keep each section securely closed. Stack the boxes to save space when not in use.

No more searching high and low for missing tools and vital accessories! Now you’ll know right where everything is.

Complete Set of Diamond Painting Tools

On top of the handy bead organizers, this all-inclusive kit also provides an array of useful accessories for flawless diamond embroidery:

– Multi-head resin drill pens for easy pick up and placement

– Plastic funnel for quickly filling drill bottles

– Diamond tweezers for precise placement

– Correction tool to remove errors

– Assorted canvas trays to hold drills while you work

– Diamond stickers to label and separate colors

– Plastic baggies for spare drill storage

– Wax and craft putty to keep canvas secured

– Soft anti-slip mat to keep your hands comfortable

With this ultimate diamond art supply set, you’ll have everything needed for hours of relaxing, meditative crafting. Makes a fantastic gift for yourself or any DIY diamond painting enthusiast!

Say goodbye to disorganized messes and unfinished projects. Get the QUEFE all-in-one diamond embroidery storage kit today to keep your hobby neat, tidy, stress-free and fun!


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