Qidkeo Faux Fur Fabric – Luxuriously Soft Brown Fur for Crafting and Decorating


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Add a touch of cozy elegance to your home and wardrobe with this sumptuously soft faux fur fabric from Qidkeo. The long, lush pile brings luxurious texture and warmth to any project. From statement cushions to playful costumes, this high-quality acrylic and polyester fur is the perfect starting point for bringing your crafting visions to life.

A Lavish Look and Feel Without the Price Tag

This synthetic fur looks and feels amazingly realistic. The fibers are carefully tapered from base to tip to replicate natural fur’s smooth, sleek texture. Running your hands through the fabric reveals the meticulously randomized fibers that mimic the look and movement of genuine fur.

With fabric this sensational, you’d expect a designer price tag. But Qidkeo’s fur is surprisingly affordable. Now you can create lavish fur-fabulous pieces on a budget. Use it to make birthday gifts, holiday decor, cozy blankets or update furnishings without breaking the bank.

Snuggly Soft – Perfect for Lounging and Luxuriating

Sink your fingers into this faux fur’s indulgently plush 2.7-3.5 inch pile. It’s heavenly soft and irresistibly snuggly. The cushiony texture envelops skin in warmth and comfort. Just try not to pet it!

Drape yourself in the sensuous fabric for the ultimate lounging experience. Use it to line hoods and edges of robes, capes and jackets. For soothing warmth on chilly nights, stitch it into plush pillows and blankets perfect for curling up fireside.

Beautiful Brown Tones Enhance Any Decor

The sumptuous chocolate brown color provides a neutral backdrop that works beautifully in all decors. It blends seamlessly with other textures and hues. The rich brown shade also draws the eye, lending understated drama and sophistication to anything it graces.

Use this fur to create lavish throw pillows that instantly amp up your living room’s coziness. For fun and function, sew it into pet beds, floor poufs, lampshades or storage baskets. Drape it over chairs and couches to transform them into positively regal seating.

Craft Playful Costumes, Gnomes and Woodland Creatures

Let your imagination run wild with this colorful fur. Use it to craft quirky animal hats, whimsical winter gnome outfits or storybook woodland creature costumes for kids. The fabric’s forgiving pile hides stitches and imperfections. It’s wonderful for beginning crafters and kids.

Shape it into hoods, paws or tails then accessorize with gloves, boots and goggles for complete transformations. The fur’s bounce and volume adds huggable dimension to dolls and stuffed animals. Give beloved toys a furry re-makeover for the ultimate handcrafted gift.

Tips for Working with Long-Pile Faux Fur

To make the most of this plush fabric’s playful potential, keep these tips in mind:

  • Shake vigorously after cutting to restore the pile’s fluff and texture
  • Use sharp, thin pins pushed in parallel to the fur’s grain to avoid marring the fabric
  • For best results, use a walking or Teflon foot on your sewing machine
  • Hand stitching allows greater control – use an elongated stitch to avoid flattening fur
  • Avoid heavy steam or heat which can damage the pile over time

Superior Quality Synthetic Fur – Built to Last

This isn’t some cheap craft fur that pills and mats with handling. It’s made from premium quality synthetic fibers. The 80% acrylic / 20% polyester blend is selected for longevity and realistic appearance.

The fibers are tightly woven into a strong backing that prevents shedding. Dense manufacturing and expert dyeing give the fabric lush uniform color from tip to base. The pile doesn’t thin out or develop bald spots, even with frequent use. This durable, high-performing fur will maintain its indulgent softness and appeal for years.

Washable Fabrics Make Care a Breeze

Spills and messes won’t ruin your furry creations. This faux fur is fully machine washable for easy care. Use a garment bag and gentle cycle to protect the fabric. Allow projects to air dry to prevent matting the pile.

With easy washing and minimal upkeep, your furry furnishings and accessories will retain their fabulous look and feel. The fabric won’t need frequent replacing like feathers, down and other natural materials.

Customize Your Fabric to Any Size

Qidkeo offers this plush faux fur in a wide range of sizes to suit any project. Choose from 10″ squares for small accessories or giant 60″x72″ yards for statement upholstery. Many dimensions are available in between. Just contact Qidkeo if you need help selecting the perfect size.

With the ability to customize your yardage, you can craft fur pieces both big and small. Make an entire furry outfit or just a fun fur pompom. Switch out throw pillow covers for instant seasonal updates. The decor and clothing possibilities are endless!

Indulge Your Senses with Soft, Silky Faux Fur

Treat yourself to the textural experience of Qidkeo’s beautifully realistic brown faux fur. Its sensuously smooth fibers and sumptuous density provide pure tactile bliss. Use this little luxury to create focal points full of texture, warmth and personality for your home. Craft cozy costumes and whimsical creatures sure to delight. Wherever it’s used, this superior quality fur fabric elevates projects with its lavish look and indulgent feel.


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