QEES Sewing Machine Mat – Anti-Slip, Noise Reducing Accessory for Crafters


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Tired of your sewing machine vibrating, rattling, and sliding across the table while you’re trying to work on your latest project? Struggling to keep your fabric from shifting while the machine is running? Sewing can be frustrating enough without constant interruptions from an unsteady work surface. That’s why we created the QEES Sewing Machine Mat.

This innovative accessory transforms any table into a vibration-absorbing, non-slip sewing station. The 1.3” thick mat is made of premium rubber that dampens noise and motion, keeping your machine firmly in place. Its textured bottom grips the table securely so you can sew uninterrupted for hours. The soft top layer is gentle on your forearms, helping prevent soreness and fatigue during marathon quilting or embroidery sessions.

Customizable to Fit Your Unique Needs

The QEES Sewing Mat comes in three convenient sizes so you can choose the perfect fit for your machine and workspace:

  • Small (7″ x 10″): Great for portable machines and sergers
  • Medium (15″ x 20″): Fits most standard sized sewing machines
  • Large (17″ x 24″): Ideal for long arm quilting machines and large work areas

Whether you have a full sewing room or just a corner of the bedroom devoted to your hobby, the QEES Mat has a size to suit your needs. The mats are lightweight and easy to transport in case you want to take your sewing on the go.

Versatile for Any Crafting Surface

The QEES Sewing Mat can be used on any type of table or flooring surface. The non-slip bottom keeps it firmly planted on wood, tile, laminate, granite, carpet, concrete – you name it. No more chasing your machine across the room or fighting to line up seam allowances. The soft top layer also protects your floors from scuffs and scratches caused by sharp machine feet and serger cutters.

While designed with sewing in mind, the QEES Mat has many other potential uses around the home or office:

  • Place under a standing desk to reduce foot fatigue
  • Set your laptop on it for a comfy portable workstation
  • Put one under your chair mat to dampen rolling noise
  • Use in the kitchen under small appliances to prevent vibrations and movement
  • Line your tool drawer to keep contents from rattling around

Anywhere you need a little extra stability and slip-resistance, the QEES Mat is up for the job. Its rubber construction isolates vibrations and gives you a solid foundation for any activity.

Thoughtful Design Touches for Sewists

Along with its excellent functionally, the QEES Mat incorporates charming design details to delight sewists. A printed pattern of sewing notions adorns the surface, featuring scissors, threads, buttons and more. The whimsical design is a nod to every crafter’s favorite tools of the trade. It’s perfect for gifting to the sewist in your life and would make a wonderful Mother’s Day present.

The mat rolls up neatly when not in use for easy storage. Simply secure it with the attached elastic strap and stash it away until your next project. Despite the high quality thick rubber construction, the mat still weighs less than 2 pounds. Easy portability makes it ideal for bringing to and from classes or sewing groups.

The QEES Sewing Machine Mat combines top-notch engineering with delightful attention to detail. Treat yourself or your favorite sewist to the gift of a peaceful, interruption-free sewing experience. This clever accessory eliminates all the little frustrations that can plague your progress and helps you stay focused on the joy of creating.


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