PU Fabric Leather – 2 Yards Smooth Black Faux Leather Upholstery Fabric for Sofas, Bags, Crafts


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Transform your home decor with this sleek and versatile PU fabric leather. This faux leather fabric adds a luxurious touch to any DIY upholstery project. With a smooth, matte finish and rich black color, this synthetic leather material brings elegance to sofas, headboards, ottomans, chairs, and more.

Crafted from high-density PU leather and a cotton backing, this fabric leather is as beautiful as it is durable. The PU leather face is 0.9mm thick, providing a supple handfeel and resistance to scuffs and scratches. It’s much tougher than genuine leather, so your projects will withstand years of use. Thanks to the cotton backing, the faux leather also has some breathability for comfort.

This PU leather fabric is perfect for both beginner and advanced sewing projects. It cuts cleanly with scissors and sews smoothly by hand or machine. The subtle texture hides stitches nicely for a flawless look. With proper care, the black color won’t crack or fade over time. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean and maintain the faux leather’s appearance.

Get creative with this versatile leather-look fabric! With 2 yards included, you have plenty of material to upholster furniture or sew leather goods like purses, luggage, accessories, clothing, and more. It also works beautifully for leather home décor such as throw pillows, headboards, lamp shades, ottomans, dining chair covers, and bench cushions.

Product Details:
– Material: PU faux leather face with cotton backing
– Length: 2 yards
– Width: 58 inches
– Thickness: 0.9mm
– Texture: Smooth matte
– Color: Rich black
– Care: Wipe clean with damp cloth. Avoid direct heat.

Transform Your Furniture
Reinvent your well-loved furniture with this PU leather fabric. Reupholster worn sofas, chairs, headboards, ottomans, and benches for a contemporary style update. With a matte black finish, this faux leather adds sleek sophistication to any room. The smooth surface resists scuffs, stains, and scratches to maintain its beauty. Durable and easy to clean, this PU leather is ideal for high-traffic upholstery projects.

Craft Leather Accessories
Get creative with wallets, bags, purses, luggage tags, belts, and more! This synthetic leather fabric cuts, stitches, and glues beautifully for flawless DIY leather goods. Its supple hand makes it perfect for accessories that need to bend and flex. The included 2-yard length provides plenty of material to complete multiple accessory projects.

Decorate with Luxurious Leather
Use this luxurious faux leather fabric to create chic home accents. Make custom throw pillows and shams to elevate your sofas and beds. Craft decorative pillows with tufted buttons, piping, or contrast stitching to enhance your rooms with elegance. For a dramatic touch, use the PU leather to cover lampshades, photo albums, jewelry boxes, or other décor pieces.

Add lavish leather texture anywhere – walls, ceilings, cabinets, and more. Apply adhesive-backed sheets for quick and easy installation. With its upscale look and feel, this faux leather brings designer flair.

The Benefits of PU Leather Fabric:
Supple & Soft – Smooth face and cotton backing have a pliable hand for comfortable upholstery. The polyurethane layer provides softness without stretching out of shape.

Durable – With reinforced polymer layers, this PU leather withstands heavy use and resists damage from scratches, scuffs, and abrasion. It maintains its sleek appearance for years.

Easy to Sew – Unlike genuine leather, this faux leather fabric cuts cleanly and sews smoothly by machine or hand without special tools. The material won’t stick to sewing machine needles.

Water Resistant – The PU coating prevents water and oils from soaking in and staining the material. Liquids bead up on the surface for quick wiping.

Breathable – Cotton backing allows air circulation to prevent sweating and discomfort when used for upholstery.

Easy Maintenance – Simply wipe the PU leather clean with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Avoid direct heat from appliances like hairdryers or irons.

Heavy-duty yet soft, this PU faux leather brings designer luxury to your DIY projects. Upgrade your furniture, whip up leather accessories, or create modern décor accents. With its rich black color and smooth matte finish, this versatile fabric infuses any room with contemporary elegance.


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