Professional Grade Leather Sewing and Repair Kit – Complete Set of Hand Tools for Leatherworking, Upholstery, Canvas, Denim and Fabric Projects


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Give your leather crafts and repairs a professional upgrade with this complete leather sewing and repair kit. Whether you’re an experienced leatherworker or just starting out in leather crafts, this kit provides all the quality tools you need for sewing, stitching, and repairing all types of leather and heavy-duty fabric projects.

Kit Contains:

  • Assorted leather hand sewing needles (12 needles total) – Includes both thick, triangular shaped needles for penetrating tough leathers as well as sharps for precision stitching
  • Waxed polyester thread set (10 spools x 30 meters each) – Available in brown, black, white, red, blue, green, orange, yellow, grey and tan
  • Metal thimble for protecting fingers while sewing
  • High carbon steel awl for punching holes
  • Stainless steel scissors for cutting thread
  • Ruler with inch and metric markings
  • Vinyl roll-up case for storage and organization

Professional Grade Leather Hand Sewing Needles
The assorted set of leather needles contains 4 triangular shaped needles for penetrating tough leathers and 8 sharps for precision stitching. Both needle types are made of hardened, heat-treated high carbon steel for durability and have large eyes to accommodate the thick wax threading.

Heavy-Duty Waxed Polyester Thread
This industrial grade waxed polyester sewing thread is tightly twisted and coated with wax to easily glide through leather materials without fraying or tangling. The colors won’t bleed or transfer to your project. With 10 spools at 30 meters each, you’ll have plenty of quality threading for all your leather crafts and repairs.

Complete Your Toolkit
The included thimble, awl, scissors and ruler round out your leatherworking toolkit. The thimble slides over your middle finger to protect from needle pricks. Use the stainless steel awl to punch even holes in leather prior to stitching. Snip your threads neatly with the stainless scissors. Check your measurements with the durable inches/mm ruler.

Tackle Leather and Heavy Fabrics with Ease
This kit has everything you need to start hand sewing or do repairs on tough leathers, suede, vinyl, canvas, denim and other heavy fabrics. Stitch wallets, bags, tack, outdoor gear, clothing, upholstery and more. The thick needles and threads are up for the challenge, easily penetrating layers of material. Much more heavy duty than standard hand sewing kits.

Leatherworking for Beginners or Professionals
Whether you’re new to working with leather or have years of experience, you’ll appreciate the quality and completeness of this kit. The storage case keeps everything organized for quick access. Take it along to classes or workshops. Give as a gift to inspire someone’s new leather craft hobby. With the right tools, nothing stops your creative projects.

Designed for Convenience
The included roll-up vinyl case with individual compartments keeps your leather sewing kit organized, protected and easy to store. Easily locate the needles, threads, scissors, awl and other tools when inspiration strikes. Compact enough to tuck away out of sight, but always close at hand.

Leather Repairs Made Simple
Missing a stitch or two? Gear ripped? Upholstery torn? Fix it yourself! This kit allows you to repair leather goods, heavy textiles, canvas bags, coats, furnishings and more. Simply match the thread color and sew by hand. Saves you money instead of replacing expensive items.

Give your leatherwork a professional upgrade with this high quality leather sewing and repair kit. Comes packaged in a gift box, perfect for birthdays, holidays and housewarmings. Great for anyone who enjoys crafting, DIY fixes, and working with leather or heavy fabrics. Add to your wishlist now!


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