Pllieay 72×40 inch Non Slip Vinyl Tufted Carpet Backing with Plum Blossom Pattern


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Upgrade your carpets and rugs with this extra large 72×40 inch non slip vinyl tufted carpet backing from Pllieay. Featuring a beautiful plum blossom pattern, this backing cloth adds a touch of oriental flair while providing a strong grip to keep your rugs and carpets securely in place.

Crafted from premium polyester fiber felt and vinyl, this tufting cloth backing is durable yet soft. The non slip dot texture on the surface keeps your rugs from sliding around on floors and prevents bunching up. It’s perfect for high traffic areas and homes with kids and pets.

Whether you’re a seasoned rug tufting artist or just starting out, this high quality tufting fabric makes it easy to create stunning works of art. Compatible with tufting guns, punch needle tools, rug punch kits, and more, it’s the ideal backing material for all your tufting and fiber art projects.

Durable & Soft Vinyl Tufting Cloth

Built to last, this tufting backing cloth features a heavyweight vinyl coating with a soft polyester felt interior. The sturdy vinyl provides a reliable grip while the felt backing offers cushioning for comfort underfoot. Reinforced vinyl dots add extra traction power to keep rugs firmly planted in their place.

Though designed for heavy daily use, the plum blossom patterned surface has a smooth, luxurious finish. Tufted rugs and carpets gain a vibrant, upscale look.

Extra Large Size for Big Projects

Measuring a spacious 72 x 40 inches, this vinyl tufting cloth allows you to tackle oversized rug projects with ease.

Simply cut the backing to your desired dimensions. Use as one giant piece or cut down into multiple smaller backings. Handy size guidelines are printed directly on the fabric to eliminate the guesswork.

Whether crafting a statement area rug for your living room or a set of whimsical floor mats for the bath, this jumbo tufted carpet backing has you covered.

Keeps Carpets & Rugs Securely in Place

Stop slipping hazards in their tracks! This non slip tufting cloth keeps carpets and rugs firmly gripped to the floor, preventing dangerous shifting, wrinkling, and movement.

Hundreds of raised vinyl dots on the backing surface grab onto flooring and hold tight. Rugs stay flat and taut when walked on thanks to the strong non skid grip. No more tripping on flipped up corners and edges.

Kids and pets can play without carpets bunching up. Place rugs on tile, hardwood, laminate, concrete, and more with total confidence.

Easy Application for All Tufting Projects

Applying this vinyl tufted carpet backing couldn’t be simpler. Just peel off the adhesive paper strip and press onto your tufted piece. The grippy surface secures immediately and forms a strong bond.

Suitable for hand tufted carpets, machine tufted rugs, punch needle designs, and more textile crafts.

No sewing, gluing, or strapping needed. The vinyl backing clsings tight and prevents tufts from pulling loose over time.

Works with all tufting cloth types including burlap, monk’s cloth, canvas, cotton, and more.

Elevate Your Rug Tufting Creations

Take your rug tufting skills to the next level with this professional grade tufting backing. Achieve expert results and captivate guests with luxurious handcrafted rugs.

The understated plum blossom motif heightens the beauty of colorful tufted carpets and muted neutral pieces alike with its artistic flair.

Display superior strength, safety, and style compared to basic backings. Outperform the competition and standard mass produced rugs.

Build your brand, business, or hobby around intricate, custom designed carpets that make a statement. This high end vinyl tufting cloth makes it possible.

Technical Details:

– Dimensions: 72″ x 40″ inches
– Materials: Polyester felt with vinyl coating and non slip grip pattern
– Backing type: Peel and stick application
– Washable: Surface clean only
– Slip Resistance: Excellent grip
– Tufting tool compatibility: Works with all types including tufting gun, punch needle, rug hooking, embroidery

Elevate any space with vibrant, luxe rugs crafted right at home with this extra large non slip vinyl tufting cloth backing from Pllieay. The beautiful plum blossom design provides an enticing oriental feel as it secures carpets firmly in place.


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