Organize Your Sparkling Diamond Painting Supplies with Ease Using the SGHUO 64-Grid Storage Box


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Do you love diamond painting but struggle to keep all those tiny rhinestone-like drills organized? Get your crafting space in order with the SGHUO 64-Grid Storage Box, the perfect solution for neatly arranging dozens of diamond painting colors.

With 64 individual removable compartments, this plastic organizer box helps you easily separate and identify colors while keeping drills securely contained. No more dumping out messy baggies or digging through jumbled containers trying to find the right color. The clear lids let you see contents at a glance while keeping drills from spilling.

Whether you’re working on a dazzling owl, ocean sunset, or geometric pattern diamond painting kit, you’ll appreciate how simple it is to pop open a compartment and access exactly the diamonds you need. No mixing up shades or wasted time searching. Everything has its own dedicated space.

Key Features:

  • 64 removable small containers with lids to prevent spillage – ample space for storing all diamond colors from a kit
  • Lids can be taken off completely for easy pouring or dumping of drills
  • Handy funnel included to neatly guide diamonds into compartments
  • Adhesive number labels to mark each compartment for quick identification
  • Durable plastic construction withstands regular craft use
  • Compact portable size – measures just 8.7 x 5 x 2.2 inches

Whether you’re an avid diamond painter stocking up on supplies or just starting out with your first diamond embroidery kit, this organizational must-have will be a lifesaver. Avoid headaches from sorting and searching through messy bags or containers. Keep your workspace neat and all diamond colors separated right at your fingertips.

The compartment size is ideal for the small drill diamonds used in painting. With 64 grids, you’ll have plenty of room to organize a full kit’s worth of colors while keeping each one visible and easy to grab. No more knocking over and mixing up your plastic baggies of drills!

Use This Diamond Painting Storage Container to:

  • Separate diamond embroidery kit drill colors into easy access small compartments
  • Easily identify which color is which with the numbered sticker labels
  • Prevent spills with secure lids on each small container grid
  • Keep your crafting area neat and organized
  • Quickly access the right drill color when needed
  • See drill color inventory levels at a glance
  • Transport and carry diamond paintings safely

Whether you love creating dazzling diamond artwork of animals, flowers, landscapes or abstract designs, this box helps make your crafting experience smoother. No more shaky bags tipping over and sending drills rolling everywhere mid-project.

The compact durable construction means you can neatly organize supplies at home or take your diamond painting on the go. Snap on the lids and toss in your bag without worrying about a messy spill.

Diamond Painters Love How This Storage Set:

  • Saves time finding the right drill color
  • Prevents messy spills and mixing of drills
  • Lets you instantly see which colors need refilling
  • Keeps workspace tidy for frustration-free crafting
  • Offers plenty of room for all the colors in a kit

Treat your diamond painting hobby to a storage upgrade. Ditch the bags and tackle boxes for this all-in-one drill organizer. Grab the SGHUO 64-Grid Box to reign in your supplies and make diamond painting more enjoyable than ever!


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