Onwon Embroidery Floss Organizer – 30-Slot Foam Thread Box for Easy Storage and Portability of Embroidery Threads and Yarn – Craft Organizer for Cross Stitch and Sewing Supplies




Tangled, knotted embroidery floss slowing down your stitching speed? Say goodbye to messy threads and say hello to the Onwon Embroidery Floss Organizer! This handy organizer box helps you quickly untangle threads and conveniently store floss for smoother stitching sessions.

30 Slots Keep Different Colors Perfectly Organized

The Onwon organizer features 30 numbered slots to neatly arrange embroidery floss, yarn, or any type of thread. Each slot has a dedicated space to coil a thread color without tangling with others. No more digging through a jumbled pile of floss trying to locate the right color!

The 30 positions provide plenty of room to organize an entire floss collection. Slot threads by color families or by numbers – whichever keeps your current project most organized. Foam dividers prevent colors from slipping into each other’s slots, so you can grab exactly the shade you need.

Compact Box Design is Perfect for Travel and Storage

This embroidery thread organizer features a durable yet lightweight plastic case that snaps securely shut. The compact box design takes up little space in your craft bag or on a shelf when not in use. Toss it in your tote bag or suitcase so your floss collection stays organized on the go!

Inside, the dense foam surface helps strands glide smoothly when pulling out a length of thread. Special notches within each slot hold threads taut for easy snipping. No more loose coils unfurling into knots! The snag-free foam allows you to withdraw just the length you need without tangling the entire skein.

Hanging Hoop Makes Floss Easily Accessible

Embellished with a metal hanging hoop, this plastic floss organizer can be mounted on a wall, pegboard, or embroidery stand to keep supplies right at your fingertips. The screw-on clasp attaches securely to the organizer’s metal grommets yet detaches easily whenever you need to take your floss collection on the move.

Whether hung nearby or positioned on your desktop, the organizer puts threads within quick reach so you can grab colors and start stitching faster. No more wasting time untangling skeins mid-project!

Perfect for Embroidery, Cross Stitch, Sewing, and Crafting

This convenient organizer is a must-have for any crafter working with embroidery floss, yarn, or specialty threads!

Embroidery and Cross Stitch Enthusiasts – Keep floss handy and tangle-free for your next stitching project! Arrange Bobbin threads, Anchor threads, or DMC colors in rainbow order.

Sewers and Quilters – Organize sewing threads, topstitching thread, and bobbins so they’re ready to sew. Keep zipper thread, button thread, basting thread, and more untangled.

Jewelry Makers – Store beading cords, stretchy bead thread, nylon thread, and other jewelry-making supplies. Keep threads from knotting as you design.

DIY Crafters – Untangle all kinds of threads for craft projects – twine, jute, embroidery floss, cotton threads, and more. Easily locate the perfect color or material.

Kids/Students – Young crafters stay organized for classroom projects or craft time at home. Easily separate threads for friendship bracelets too!

Wherever your crafting takes you, the Onwon Floss Organizer keeps your thread collection tidy for frustration-free stitching, sewing, quilting, crafting, and more!

Thoughtful Gift for Any Crafty Friend

Know a devoted stitcher or crafter who’s constantly untangling their threads? Treat them to the Onwon Embroidery Floss Organizer! It makes a thoughtful gift for:

– Cross stitchers and embroiderers
– Sewing and quilting enthusiasts
– Knitters and crocheters
– Jewelry makers
– DIY craft lovers
– Students taking sewing class

With 30 clearly labeled slots, this thread organizer is a precious tool for anyone who loves crafting. It saves them from headache-inducing tangles so they can enjoy their creative passion to the fullest!

For frustration-free stitching and crafting, keep your embroidery floss neatly organized with the Onwon Embroidery Thread Organizer. Untangle threads in a snap and get to the fun part faster – bringing colorful designs to life!


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