NX Garden 12 Pack Bent Tip Tapestry Needles – Plastic Blunt Needles for Sewing, Knitting, Needlework and Crafts


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Frustrated trying to weave in yarn ends and sew up knitting or embroidery projects? Ditch the dangerous sharp needles and try these game-changing bent tip tapestry needles from NX Garden instead!

The curved plastic needle tips easily glide under existing stitches to completely hide yarn tails. No more frustration or wasted time. Plus the large rounded plastic eyes won’t cut delicate yarn fibers. Discover why crafters love these blunt needles for sewing, weaving, cross stitch, crochet, knitting, latch hook, plastic canvas, tatting, and any hand needlework project.

Curved Needle Tips Easily Maneuver Under Stitches

These innovative tapestry needles feature a curved tip that effortlessly maneuvers beneath existing stitches. Easily hide yarn ends and stitch up projects with no snags or frustration!

The bent tip allows you to ergonomically approach your work at the best angle. No hand strain trying to see or reach straight needle tips. The tip gently moves fibers aside instead of piercing them. This helps prevent damage, especially on delicate fabrics and yarns.

Protect Delicate Yarns and Fibers

The extra large rounded plastic eye is gentle on your yarn and floss. No more splitting, fraying, or cutting. Metal needles can damage fine threads over time, weakening your stitching. These plastic eyes safely guide yarn through without harm.

The smooth blunt tip also won’t accidentally split embroidery floss or shred stitching as you work. Protect fine and delicate materials while hiding yarn tails easily!

Assorted Sizes for Every Project

This needle set includes 12 pieces total:

  • 6 extra large bent tip tapestry needles
  • 6 small bent tip tapestry needles

The mixed sizes allow you to match the right needle to your yarn or project. Choose a larger needle for bulky knits and thicker threads. Or grab the smaller size for embroidering with floss or beading. Cover all your needlework needs!

The durable plastic construction provides strength without being too thick. Easily fits through stitches without widening holes or distorting shape. The lightweight needles also offer comfort for hands during long crafting sessions.

Premium Needles for Crafters Who Love DIY

NX Garden creates top quality knitting, sewing, embroidery, and DIY accessories. Their bent tip tapestry needles quickly become a favorite for:

  • Hiding yarn ends when knitting, crocheting, weaving, embroidering, and sewing
  • Hand sewing knits, felt, lace, sequins, beading, and delicate fabrics
  • Any needle arts, plastic canvas, cross stitch, tatting, latch hook, and hand stitching

Experience frustration-free stitching with this essential needlework accessory. Durable, versatile, and easy to use – everything you need for flawless hand stitching!

Order a Set Today for Smooth Needling and Perfect Projects

Add the NX Garden bent tip tapestry needles to your needlework tool kit today. Their curved plastic tips will quickly become your go-to for hiding yarn tails, sewing up knits, embroidering, and any hand stitching project with ease and comfort. Happy crafting!


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