Nayrmaer Super-Strong Flexible Clear Leather and Fabric Adhesive


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If you’ve ever tried gluing leather, you know Finding a glue that actually works can be a challenge. Ordinary white glues soak in and dry brittle. Super glues bond instantly but lack Flexibility. Craft glues claim multi-material versatility but fail strength tests.

Introducing the Nayrmaer Leather Glue – an adhesive Specifically engineered for high performance leather and fabric bonding. This crystal clear glue forms ultra strong, Flexible, waterproof bonds between leather, suede, canvas, and more.

The Nayrmaer Leather Glue advantage:

Permanent Flexible Bond

This adhesive achieves an exceptional balance of strength and Flexibility. Bonds remain permanently Flexible, preventing cracking or detachment from leather’s natural movement. The crystal clear glue dries transparent for invisible mends.

Instant Grab, Long Work Time

Micro-suction technology gives an instant grab to hold materials in place. An extended working time allows you to reposition items and apply pressure before the permanent bond sets. Clamped drying time is only 60-90 minutes.

Water and Heat Resistant

Once fully cured, bonds are waterproof and withstand temperatures up to 150°F, resisting damage from washing or sun exposure. The crystal clear formula won’t yellow over time.

Safe and Non-Toxic

Free of harsh chemicals and fumes, the Nayrmaer Leather Glue is non-flammable and non-toxic for safe use on all types of materials. It washes off skin and surfaces easily with soap and water.

Versatile Material Bonding

This high performance adhesive provides exceptional results on leather, suede, canvas, felt, fabrics, foam, wood, plastic, metal and more. It can bond materials together or seal edges to prevent fraying.

Repair Favorites Flawlessly

Bring beloved leather goods back to life without any sign of damage. Permanently reattach loose bag handles, torn upholstery seams, peeled footwear layers and more for invisible mends. Customize shoes, bags and accessories by gluing on patches, embroidery, rhinestones and other embellishments.

DIY Leather Crafting Made Simple

Create unique leather goods and accessories without sewing skills. Secure strap ends, seal edges, assemble multi-part projects and attach decorative elements like studs, grommets and hardware. The crystal clear flexible finish allows assembled pieces to bend and move naturally.

Where to Use It

The Nayrmaer Leather Glue excels at bonding and repairing all kinds of materials including:

– Leather shoes, bags, wallets, jackets and accessories
– Faux leather upholstery, clothing, purses and more
– Suede shoes, jackets, crafts and projects
– Canvas shoes, tote bags, backpacks and luggage
– Neoprene laptop sleeves, camera cases and wet suits
– Felt fabric for crafts, hats and accessories
– Rubber watch bands, gaskets, grommets and hardware
– Fabrics like cotton, denim, velvet, lace and more

How to Apply

Applying the Nayrmaer Leather Glue is simple:

1. Prepare surfaces by cleaning with alcohol and roughening smooth areas with sandpaper. Surfaces must be clean and dry.

2. Apply a thin, even layer of glue to one surface. Avoid using too much.

3. Press materials together and clamp tightly for 60-90 minutes. Wipe away any excess glue.

4. Allow bond to fully cure for 24 hours before wearing or washing repaired items.

One tube can repair multiple pairs of shoes, rebuild several leather accessories, reupholster furniture and more. The ultra strong formula results in permanent, long lasting bonds.

Experience flawless leather and fabric repairs along with unlimited creative possibilities. Order the Nayrmaer Leather Glue today for your strongest bond yet.


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