Natural Tanned Rabbit Fur Hide – 10 x 12 Inch Eco-Friendly Sewing Grade Rabbit Pelt – Ideal for Crafting, Sewing, Trims, Clothing Linings


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This beautifully tanned, all-natural rabbit fur hide offers exceptional versatility for crafters, sewers and designers. Measuring approximately 10 x 12 inches, this soft and luxurious rabbit pelt is perfect for a wide range of projects from clothing linings to plush toys.

100% Natural Rabbit Fur

Sustainably and ethically sourced, this rabbit fur is completely natural and has not been dyed. It retains the beautiful natural coloration of the rabbit with soft tan, brown and white fur. The incredibly soft, dense fur provides unparalleled warmth, comfort and luxury.

As a true eco-friendly material, natural rabbit fur is biodegradable and renewable. It’s also durable, long-lasting and easy to care for.

Generous 10 x 12 Inch Size

With dimensions of approximately 10 x 12 inches, this rabbit fur hide provides ample material for most craft, sewing and quilting projects. The versatile size makes it easy to cut pieces and customize for everything from cozy mittens to lush toys.

Sewing Grade Quality

Skillfully tanned and treated, this rabbit pelt is ready for sewing right out of the package. The soft, supple leather backing has been tanned for durability yet maintains flexibility so it can be easily sewn, cut and worked.

The fur has been cleaned, carded and combed to remove debris and smooth the nap for the highest quality sewable fur. It’s gently stretched and tacked to keep the hide flat and neat for crafting.

Endless Crafting Possibilities

With its rich, indulgent texture and natural warmth, this rabbit fur is ideal for:

  • Cozy linings for jackets, coats, hats, mittens and boots
  • Plush stuffed animals, toys and decorator pillows
  • Opulent beds, mats or hammocks for pets
  • Doll clothes, trims, accessories
  • Lap blankets, throws or baby blankets
  • Robe trim, scarf accents, glove liners

Let your imagination run wild, and create unique handcrafted items with the distinctive luxury of genuine rabbit fur.

Easy to Sew and Work With

From cutting and stitching to gluing and stuffing, this natural rabbit fur hide is a dream to work with. The fur density provides cushioning for comfortable hand-sewing. The soft leather backing feeds smoothly through sewing machines without snagging or jamming.

Cuts neatly and cleanly for perfectly lined-up patterns. Holds threads securely without excessive pull-through. Glues bond tightly and dries quickly.

Tanning Defects May Occur

As a natural product, some variations may occur. Possible defects include:

  • Slight color inconsistencies
  • Minor cowlicks in the fur
  • Occasional clumping or matting
  • Scarring or scores on the leather side
  • Irregular hide shape

None should affect the usability or durability of this versatile rabbit pelt. Defects can be minimized by gently brushing the fur and trimming away any uneven edges.

Order This Luxurious Rabbit Fur Hide Today!

Bring indulgent softness and warmth to your next sewing project with this high-quality 100% natural rabbit fur hide. The generous 10 x 12 inch size provides ample material for clothing, crafts, accessories and more!


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