Monks Cloth Tufting Fabric 2yd x 1yd for Rug Punch Needle DIY Projects


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Add beautiful handmade rugs and textile projects to your home with this high quality 100% cotton monks cloth tufting fabric. At 2 yards long by 1 yard wide, this natural 12 count monks cloth is perfect for both large and small crafting projects.

The natural undyed cream color provides a lovely neutral backdrop for colorful rug punch needle designs. Or use it as-is for a light and airy handmade rug to brighten up any room. The lightweight monks cloth is durable yet soft, and the loose basketweave texture adds beautiful dimension to your punched rug creations.

Monks cloth is similar to Aida cloth but has a more open and flexible weave that drapes beautifully. This makes it ideal for rug tufting with a tufting gun. The holes between the woven threads provide the perfect space for inserting yarn, roving or strips of fabric.

With proper backing and adhesive, you can transform the monks cloth into a lush area rug or wall hanging tapestry. Use a rug punch needle or tufting gun to inject colorful yarns, wool roving, ribbons and more. Get creative with patterns, textures and designs!

The open weave also prevents the tufted yarn and roving from slipping out. Simply apply backing fabric and secure it with carpet tape or fabric glue once your design is complete. Add a yoga mat or other non-slip material to the bottom to finish it off.

This monk’s cloth is also fantastic for punch needle embroidery. The durable fabric can handle the repetitive punching motion while keeping your designs intact. Follow printed patterns or draw your own – the possibilities are endless!

Use this monks cloth for:
– Rug tufting
– Punch needle embroidery
– Rug hooking
– Table runners
– Wall hangings
– Pillow covers
– Crafting with kids
– DIY home décor

With proper care, the 100% cotton monks cloth will last for ages, making it a wonderful heirloom project. It’s both soft and strong enough for heavy use.

This large cut of fabric allows you to create rugs, tapestries, pillow covers and more without having to piece smaller sections together. At 12 count cotton, it provides the perfect amount of open space between threads for all your punching and tufting projects.

Add a special handmade touch to your home with this high quality monks cloth tufting fabric. It’s perfect for crafters of all skill levels and makes a great gift for the textile artist in your life. Happy tufting and punching!


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