Minelife 400 Loop Alloy Beading Wire Bracelets for Jewelry Making – Silver and Gold


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Discover the Perfect Beading Wire for All Your DIY Jewelry Creations with This 400 Loop Bracelet Wire Set from Minelife.

Getting started on your handmade jewelry journey doesn’t need to be complicated. With this inclusive set of 400 flexible and durable alloy beading bracelet wires, you’ll have everything you need to begin designing, creating and crafting beautiful jewelry pieces and accessories to your heart’s content!

Comprised of 200 silver and 200 gold plated round wires, each measuring 0.6 mm thick and 6 cm in diameter, these beading bracelet blanks allow you to easily shape, bend and twist them into rings, bracelets, ankles and more! Their soft alloy construction ensures they keep their form without breaking or losing shape.

Whether you’re new to jewelry making or a longtime jewelry designer looking for inspiration, these pliable bracelet wires offer the ideal blank canvas for all your projects. Use them as they are for quick and chic stackable bracelets, or get creative and use them to make elaborate wire wrapped rings, necklaces, floral arrangements and other crafts – the possibilities are endless!

Discover Endless Jewelry Making Potential with 400 Flexible, Durable Beading Wires

This inclusive set comes with 200 silver and 200 gold toned wires, giving you plenty of materials to work with on all your designs and creations. Each measures 0.6 mm thick and 6 cm in diameter – the perfect size to shape and bend into rings, bracelets, pendants, ankles and more!

The soft alloy construction provides just the right balance of flexibility and durability. Easily shape, bend and twist these wires into your desired shape and rest assured they’ll hold their form without breaking, cracking or losing their shape.

Whether you’re looking to make chic stackable bracelets, elaborate wire wrapped rings or necklaces, or fun accessories like hat bands or hair ties, these pliable bracelet blanks have you covered. Their versatility also makes them great for floral arranging, framing, home décor and other crafts!

High Quality Alloy Construction – Flexible, Durable and Tarnish-Resistant

These bracelet wires are made from a high quality alloy that’s built to last. The soft, flexible construction bends and shapes easily without breaking or cracking. No special tools are needed – shape these wires using just your hands!

The polished alloy material also provides a lustrous shine that resists tarnishing and rusting. Pieces made with these wires will maintain their brilliant finish even after repeated use. Their durability also allows them to hold their shape perfectly without deforming.

Whether you’re looking for beading wires that are built to last through daily wear or trying your hand at more intricate jewelry pieces, these craft wires have the right blend of softness and strength.

Perfect for All Skill Levels – Ideal for Beginners & Experienced Jewelry Makers

Jewelry making is a fun and rewarding hobby for crafters of all skill levels. These versatile bracelet blanks allow beginners to easily create beautiful pieces without complicated tools or techniques. Simply shape and bend the wires into the desired form for instant DIY bracelets, rings, pendants and more!

More advanced jewelry makers will also love having these wires on hand as an instant base for elaborate wire wrapping projects, bead weaving, macrame and any other jewelry making technique. Use these wires as the foundation for necklaces, floral arrangements, dreamcatchers – pull out your jewelry pliers and get creative!

Save Time & Money With 400 Pre-cut Jewelry Beading Wires

Getting started with jewelry making doesn’t need to cost a fortune. This set of 400 bracelet wires lets you skip the wire cutting and measuring, so you can start designing jewelry right away!

The cost per piece works out to just a few cents, making this an extremely affordable way to stock up on all the materials you need. The included storage box keeps the wires neatly organized and ready for your next project.

Whether you sell your handmade creations online or gift them to family and friends, these quality beading wires help you create beautiful jewelry on a budget.

Designed for Crafters and Jewelry Makers of All Types

Jewelry makers
Wire wrappers
Macrame artists
Craft hobbyists
DIY enthusiasts
Handmade jewelry designers
Floral arrangers

Hardware crafts


– Set includes 200 silver and 200 gold plated round beading wires
– Each wire measures 0.6 mm thick and 6 cm in diameter
– Made from soft, flexible alloy that holds shape
– Easily bends, shapes and twists by hand
– Durable construction resists rust and tarnish
– Ideal for rings, bracelets, pendants, ankles, floral crafts and more

With endless versatility and jewelry making potential, these 400 bracelet wires are a must-have for crafters, DIYers and handmade jewelry designers of all skill levels. Discover just how easy it is to create beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more!


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