Madam Sew Precision Hot Hem Ruler – The Game Changer for Perfect Quilt Blocks & Garment Seams


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Tired of imperfect hems, uneven seams, and frustration while quilting or sewing clothes? Introducing the revolutionary Madam Sew Precision Hot Hem Ruler, the must-have quilting ruler that ensures flawlessly pressed seams, hems, and pleats in your quilt blocks and homemade garments.

This innovative quilting tool is a seamstress’ dream come true. The Madam Sew Precision Hot Hem Ruler takes the guesswork out of pressing perfect folds, hems, and seam allowances when quilting or sewing clothes. This straightforward ruler makes it simple to create crisp, professional looking projects you’ll be proud to gift or wear.

Heat Resistant and Non Slip for Worry-Free Pressing

The Madam Sew Precision Hot Hem Ruler is constructed of durable, heat resistant nylon that can withstand dry iron temperatures up to 428°F. The non-slip surface firmly grips fabric in place while pressing, preventing annoying shifting or movement.

Simply fold your fabric over the top of the ruler to the desired hem depth or seam allowance, and confidently press away. The non-slip surface and high heat tolerance assure accurate, crisp folds and creases without the hassle of repositioning.

Cut Sewing Time With Precise Guidelines

This indispensable quilting and sewing ruler takes the hassle and guesswork out of achieving the perfect seam or hem depth. Etched measurement markings range from 1/8” all the way to 10”, making it simple to precisely press seams, hems, and pleats.

The 45° angle lines accommodate perfectly pointed mitered corners, while the clear gridded surface allows you to easily align folds. Shorten pant legs, slim sleeves, or create complex quilt blocks faster and with more accuracy than ever before.

Streamline Quilting and Garment Sewing

The Madam Sew Precision Hot Hem Ruler is thoughtfully designed to streamline quilting and garment sewing projects.

Quilters – Achieve flawless, durable quilt squares. Align seam intersections neatly with the angle guidelines. Press multiple layers of fabric and batting with ease.

Seamstresses – Masterfully execute garment details like hems, cuffs, waistbands, and pleats. Miter corners sharply. Shorten and slim pant legs and sleeves with perfect proportions.

Crafters – Press precise folds for table linens, curtains, crafts, and more using the measurement markings. Hem fabric edges evenly for a polished finish.

Key Features:

  • Non-slip surface keeps fabric firmly in place while pressing
  • Durable, heat resistant nylon construction
  • Withstands temperatures up to 428°F
  • Measurement markings from 1/8″ to 10″
  • 45° angle lines for perfectly pointed mitered corners
  • Gridded surface to easily align folds and seams
  • 10″ x 2.5″ pressing surface
  • Simplify hems, seams, pleats, folds, and more
  • Reduce sewing and quilting time
  • Create crisp, professional looking projects

Tame unruly fabric and achieve pressing perfection with the revolutionary Madam Sew Precision Hot Hem Ruler. This simple yet ingenious quilting ruler helps beginners and experts alike sew and quilt with more accuracy and ease than ever before.

Stop struggling with uneven seams, wavy hems, and misaligned corners. Order the Madam Sew Precision Hot Hem Ruler today to cut sewing time and take your quilting skills and garment sewing to the next level!


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