Madam Sew Natural Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting – Create Flawless Quilt Blocks & Sewing Projects Faster with 100% Pure Wool Ironing Pad


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Do you love quilting and sewing but struggle with getting crisp, flat seams on your quilt blocks and projects? Are you frustrated with puckered and stretched fabrics after ironing? Well struggle no more!

The Madam Sew 100% natural wool pressing mat is specially designed to help quilters and sewers create flawless fabric pieces, blocks and sewing projects. This premium 17” x 13.5” wool ironing mat enables you to press your quilting cottons, fabrics and projects right on your table without scorching. The dense wool fibers absorb and distribute heat evenly, allowing you to press both sides of your fabric at once for quick, flat results every time.

Press Quilt Blocks & Fabrics Evenly Without Damaging Your Sewing Table

With most ironing boards and pads, the heat and pressure of ironing can compress and damage the pad over time, creating an uneven surface. This can lead to stretched or puckered fabric pieces.

The Madam Sew wool pressing mat protects your sewing table by absorbing the heat into the pad itself. The 100% natural wool fibers withstand high iron temperatures without compression or damage. This allows you to press fabrics evenly on a smooth, consistent surface.

Create Crisp Seams & Sharp Points for Flawless Quilt Blocks

Crisp seams and sharp points take patience and precision. With wool’s unmatched heat absorption and retention, you can press quilt blocks and fabric pieces in fewer motions. The heat from both sides helps set the fabric fibers in place and hold shapes accurately.

Your blocks will come out smooth and flat with straight seams and perfect 90 degree corners every time. Even bias edges and stretchy fabrics will retain their true shapes thanks to wool’s firm surface and steady heat dispersion.

Watch Projects Come Together Faster with Less Ironing Time

You love the creative process but not the tedious details, right? With a dense wool ironing surface to hold heat in, you can cut your pressing time significantly.

Get through your quilting bees and sewing projects faster by making fewer passes with the iron. The wool mat helps fabrics take shape in just 1 or 2 presses in many cases. This makes sewing complex quilts, embroidery and other designs much less tedious.

Naturally Fire-Resistant Wool Won’t Scorch or Shine Fabrics

One hazard of ironing is the risk of scorching your fabric if you let the iron sit too long. This can ruin quilt blocks and pieces you worked hard to cut and piece perfectly.

Wool’s natural fire resistance provides a barrier of protection to keep fabrics from getting shiny marks or melted spots from the iron’s heat. You can press confidently without constantly moving the iron to avoid scorching.

Spacious 17″ x 13.5″ Pressing Surface for Quilts & Projects

Whether you’re working on quilt blocks, sewing garments or other crafts, this oversized wool mat gives you ample pressing room.

The 17” x 13.5” rectangular surface accommodates most standard size quilt blocks. You can easily press widths of border fabrics, bindings, embroidery pieces and more. Larger wool design allows you to finish projects faster by reducing how often you have to reposition and move your fabric pieces.

Premium Wool Pressing Pad Makes the Perfect Quilting Gift

Every quilter and sewist needs quality pressing tools to create accurate designs with crisply finished seams and points. The Madam Sew wool pressing mat is sure to be an appreciated addition to their quilting room.

See their faces light up when they unwrap this thoughtful gift and realize how much easier you’ve made their sewing projects. This high quality wool ironing pad brings convenience and accuracy to every quilting bee or class.

Experience the Many Benefits of Pressing with Pure Wool

✔ Protects sewing table from iron damage
✔ Absorbs high heat evenly for crisp seams
✔ Reduces stretching and puckering of fabrics
✔ Holds shapes accurately with less pressing
✔ Naturally fire-resistant to prevent scorching

✔ Generous 17” x 13.5” size for big projects
✔ Perfect quilting gift for smoother sewing

Enjoy the quality, convenience and efficiency the Madam Sew 100% wool pressing mat adds to your quilting, sewing and crafting. Achieve flawless results with less effort on all of your favorite textile projects.


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