Luxuriously Soft Barcelonetta Faux Fur Fabric – Half Yard Lengths Perfect for Any DIY Project


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Elevate your next DIY project with the plush softness of Barcelonetta faux fur fabric. Available in convenient 18″ x 60″ half yard cuts, this high-quality faux fur fabric lends a touch of luxury and warmth to everything from costumes and clothing to home decor and craft projects.

The long, dense piles of this acrylic and polyester faux fur creates an incredibly realistic texture and appearance. With pile lengths ranging from 2 – 2.5 inches, this fur has a lush, full look that mimics genuine fur. It has a velvety soft feel that you’ll love running your hands through.

Endless Possibilities for Creative Projects

This versatile faux fur fabric can be used in many fun DIY projects:

Costumes & Accessories: Use it for plush animal costumes, Santa suits, and cozy winter wear like ear muffs, scarves, and hats. The white fur is great for a snowy polar bear or rabbit costume.

Clothing & Fashion: Sew a luxurious fur coat, jacket, or vest. Line hoods and collars for extra warmth and style. Craft furry hats, mittens, leg warmers, and more.

Home Decor: Sew soft throw pillows, accent pillows, or decorative pillow covers. Use it as an accent fabric for curtains. Cover storage ottomans and stools.

Pet Beds & Toys: Spoil your furry friends with cozy beds and snuggly toys. The fur is soft enough for cats and dogs to comfortably lay on.

Plushies & Stuffed Animals: Bring your handmade stuffed animals to life with fuzzy fur. Use it for tails, manes, ears, paws, etc.

Kids Crafts: From dress-up costumes to play mats and blankets, let kids’ imaginations run wild with soft, fuzzy fur.

Holiday Crafts: Make unique Christmas stockings out of faux fur. Use it for Santa hats, elven capes, and other festive accessories.

Props & Set Design: From school plays to YouTube videos, use this fur fabric to create realistic props and sets. Makes great green screen material too.

High Quality Faux Fur Fabric

This faux fur fabric provides a top-notch blend of quality, softness, and affordability. Details include:

  • Made from a blend of 80% acrylic and 20% polyester fibers
  • Long dense pile creates lavishly soft texture
  • Pile height ranges from 2 – 2.5 inches
  • Backing has a cotton-like feel and flexibility
  • Thick and durable to withstand repeated use
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Vibrant white color suits various projects
  • Sold by the half yard for convenience

Compared to real fur, this high-quality faux option provides the same lush aesthetic without harming animals. The superior density and length of the piles help mimic the look and texture of genuine fur minus the heavy price tag.

While thinner “fun fur” may be suitable for some projects, the Barcelonetta fur’s longer plush piles are ideal for when you need a full, fluffy, realistic fur look. Use it when making high-quality costumes that need to look as real as possible.

Creative DIY Projects Made Easy

With Barcelonetta faux fur’s endless possibilities, you’re limited only by your imagination. Unleash your creativity without limits!

The half yard cuts provide the perfect amount of fabric to make all sorts of items without having excess leftover material. And it’s easy to order more yardage if your project requires additional fur.

Follow any DIY tutorial and simply substitute this high-quality faux fur in place of regular fabric. Customize store-bought items by adding fur accents with glue or stitches. Repurpose old clothes, toys, and accessories by furrying them up.

Make a luxurious fur cape for your little princess. Sew a snuggly winter coat for your fur baby. Design an elaborate costume or prop to bring your theater production to the next level. Cozy up your home decor with furry pillow covers and throws.

With Barcelonetta faux fur, the possibilities are endless! Unleash your imagination and create something fabulous today.


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