Lohas Select Sewing Marking Chalk Pencils – Vibrant Rainbow Colors for Fabric Marking, Pattern Drafting & More


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Make your sewing and crafting projects pop with the vibrant Lohas Select Sewing Mark Pencils! This handy set of marking chalks in 6 dazzling colors allows you to accurately and temporarily mark designs, darts, pleats and alterations on all fabric types.

12 Richly Pigmented Chalk Pencils

Each pack contains 12 mini chalk pencils in brilliant rainbow hues:

– 2x Red – ideal for darker fabrics
– 2x Yellow – stands out well on light fabrics
– 2x Green – versatile on most colors
– 2x Blue – marks cleanly on delicate fabrics
– 2x Black – perfect for high contrast
– 2x White – shows clearly on darker materials

With 2 pencils per color, you’ll always have backup when one starts running low.

The bright chalk colors provide excellent visibility on both light and dark textiles so your markings are clear. Vibrant lines make it easy to stay precisely on track when sewing.

Slim, Handy Size

These marking pencils feature a slim, easy-to-handle design that measures just 6.5 inches long. The compact size gives you excellent control for accurate marking.

Easily tuck them into a sewing box, notions pouch or pocket so your fabric markers are always close at hand. The small diameter also allows access to tricky spots like collar points, pocket openings or sleeve caps.

Rollerball Tips Glide Smoothly

The chalk-filled rollerball tips smoothly deposit vivid color onto fabric without dragging or skipping. No chalky mess!

The pencils roll lightly over your material, leaving temporary marks that brush or wash out completely after sewing. No more worries about stray marks on finished garments.

Simply Twist to Advance Chalk

When you need more chalk, give the pencils a twist to advance the chalk up through the tip. No sharpening required!

The paper wrapping helps keep fingers clean during use. Simply rewrap the paper to protect chalk sticks in between sewing tasks.

Free-Cut for Customizable Lengths

Want a longer chalk line? Shorter tip exposure? No problem!

These innovative fabric markers feature free-cut construction. Just tear away more or less of the outer paper to customize chalk length as desired.

Mark with Precision & Confidence

Use these fabric marking pens to add the following types of markings:

Darts – Mark dart legs accurately. Chalk washes away after stitching.

Pleats & Tucks – Define precise fold lines before pressing.

Buttonholes – Mark buttonhole length and position.

Alterations – Mark hems, sleeve length or pattern adjustments.

Quilting – Mark quilting lines, patterns or block assembly.

Embellishments – Guide placement of trims, embroidery or other details.

Labels – Identify pattern pieces or match fabric segments.

Won’t Bleed or Leave Permanent Marks

These fabric pencils utilize chalk powder rather than ink, so they mark fabrics without bleeding or leaving permanent indentations.

Even delicate silks and satins are safe from damage! The chalk wipes away cleanly after projects are complete.

Use On More Than Just Fabric

In addition to fabric marking, these multi-use pens come in handy for:

– Drafting sewing patterns
– Temporary marking on wood, plastic, paper
– Stenciling and craft projects
– Writing reminders on dry erase boards
– Kid’s coloring and drawing

Superior Quality Chalk

The chalk cartridges in these sewing pencils feature premium pigments suspended in a smooth base. Marks glide onto fabric with vivid coverage that remainsworkable for several days.

Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure jam-free performance, consistent marking ability and long chalk life.

Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want every sewist, quilter, crafter and artist to be thrilled with these fabric marking pens. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply let us know and we will make it right.

Enjoy easy marking and flawless projects with the Lohas Select Sewing Mark Pencils. Get ultra-convenient 6-color variety in a single set today!


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