LOGIANIS Large Self-Adhesive Leather Repair Tape for Couches, Sofas, and More – Easily Fix Rips, Tears, and Damage


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Give Your Furniture a Facelift with LOGIANIS Leather Repair Patches

Has your beloved leather couch seen better days? Are there unsightly rips, tears, and holes scattered across the surface, marring its once-pristine appearance? Don’t resort to costly reupholstery or replacement just yet – with the LOGIANIS Leather Repair Patch, you can easily fix leather damage and restore your furniture to its original beauty.

At a massive 15.7 inches x 79 inches, this jumbo-sized repair tape allows you to tackle even large areas of damage. The premium PU leather blends seamlessly into your existing upholstery for invisible repairs. Just clean the damaged spot, cut the tape to shape, remove the backing paper, and stick it on. The self-adhesive backing bonds securely to create a smooth, flawless patch.

With a texture and sheen that closely resembles real leather, the LOGIANIS Leather Repair Patch seamlessly camouflages tears and holes of any size or shape. Rather than drawing attention to imperfections, you can make worn furniture look brand new again.

Save Your Couches, Chairs, Car Interiors and More

Don’t just resign yourself to shabby, damaged leather furniture. LOGIANIS Leather Repair Patches let you restore and renew leather couches, chairs, headboards, ottomans, car seats, purses, boots, and more.

Frustrated by the accumulating rips and scrapes on your well-worn leather couch? The super large tape size means you can patch multiple damaged spots in one go. Just cut pieces to size and stick them on wherever needed to make holes, cracks, and scratches disappear.

Has the driver’s seat in your car lost its luster over the years, with discoloration and splits marring the surface? Cut patches to flawlessly fit over worn spots and blend with the surrounding material.

Bring tired leather purses, bags, shoes, and boots back to life. Layer patches over frayed handles and corners or cover up scuff marks on leather shoes.

With a variety of color options like classic black or brown leathers as well as more unique shades like green and pink, you can achieve seamless repairs on any colored leather item.

Super Easy “Peel and Stick” Application

Don’t let the size of the LOGIANIS Leather Repair Tape intimidate you – the application couldn’t be simpler. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Clean and dry the damaged leather surface thoroughly to remove any dirt or residue. Wipe with a leather cleaner and let dry completely.

2. Use sharp scissors to cut the tape to the desired shape and size, making sure to extend past the damaged edges. Cut multiple patches if needed.

3. Slowly remove the backing paper to expose the adhesive side.

4. Press the sticky side of the patch firmly onto the leather. Rub it down with your fingers to secure the bond.

5. Enjoy your repaired leather surface free of rips, tears, and holes!

The pre-applied adhesive ensures strong adhesion to all types of leather and vinyl. The flexible tape conforms smoothly over curved and contoured surfaces like car seats and furnishings.

Durable Repairs That Last

While patches and tape can often appear flimsy or temporary, the LOGIANIS Leather Repair Patch offers a long-lasting repair. The high-grade PU leather remains firmly bonded while maintaining softness and flexibility.

The repairs are durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear without peeling, cracking, or curling at the edges. Kids and pets won’t be able to pick or scratch the patches off your repaired furniture.

Experience the satisfaction of restoring worn leather yourself with a quick DIY upgrade. Dingy, defective furniture will look fresh and flawless again with the LOGIANIS Leather Repair Tape.

Order a pack today and say goodbye to ugly rips, tears, and holes in your leather!


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