Light Up Any Party with These Glowing Round Dot Neon Garlands – 110ft of Vibrant Decor


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Make any party or event come alive with these vibrant and glowing 110ft round dot neon garlands! With 6 connecting garlands that each measure over 18 feet long, you get a total of 110 feet of glowing decor to light up your special occasion.

These round dot garlands are made of quality neon paper that gives off a bright glow under black lights. The lightweight material is also easy to hang up and take down for reusable decor that lasts. Use these neon garlands to add a pop of excitement to birthdays, graduations, festivals, holidays, weddings, and any other celebration!

Vibrant Neon Colors Transform Any Space

Available in a variety of bright neon shades, these glowing garlands add beautiful pops of color to your party setup. Hang them along your walls, across ceilings, over doorways and windows, or anywhere else you want to add a dash of fun. The bright neon colors look great in daylight and really come alive to glow under UV blacklights.

Choose from colors like pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and more to match your party theme! Or grab a multi-color pack and mix together the different shades for a rainbow of glowing decor. The bold neon colors pair perfectly with other blacklight reactive party supplies and will energize any party space!

Premium Quality Neon Paper Material

These round dot garlands are made from high quality neon paper that is bright, lightweight, and durable. The smooth neon paper has a nice glow and touch, so the garlands look and feel great. The material also holds up well to repeated uses, so you can celebrate with these neon decorations again and again!

Unlike some cheap garlands, these are made with vivid saturated colors that pop under blacklights. The neon paper is also strong enough to hang up without ripping. Simply attach the garlands to your walls or ceiling and they will last through the whole party!

Reusable & Customizable Glowing Decor

Each set includes 110ft of garland total, with 6 individual garlands that connect to create long vibrant streams of dots. This makes it easy to hang them exactly where you want for a customized party look. Drape them along your fireplace, over windows, on stair railings, through foliage and trees outdoors, or anywhere else!

Since these garlands are reusable, you can get creative with displaying them differently for future parties. Use neon plastic clips or tape to attach them to various surfaces. Or string them up with clear plastic line for floating dots of neon color!

Perfect for Neon Themed Parties and Events

These glowing garlands are ideal for any neon or blacklight themed party! Use them to decorate for:

  • Birthday parties
  • Graduations
  • Weddings
  • Baby showers
  • Holidays like July 4th
  • School dances or events
  • Festivals and fairs
  • Proms
  • Neon fun runs
  • Glow in the dark celebrations
  • Blacklight parties

Wherever you’re looking to add some neon style, these glow dot garlands will liven up your space! Use them on their own or combine with other blacklight party supplies for a fully immersive neon experience.

Easy Set-Up with Pre-Connected Garlands

Set-up is fast and easy with these pre-connected round dot garlands! Each individual garland measures over 18 feet long and is already attached to the next one with a small loop.

So you can pull them straight out of the package and start decorating! Simply attach one end to your surface, then unfurl while securing the garland wherever you want the dots to hang. The pre-connected strands make hanging 110ft of decor quick and simple!

Endless Way to Display the Glowing Dots

Get creative with how you hang up these bright round neon dots! Here are some ideas:

  • Outline door frames and windows
  • Border ceilings for a dotted neon fringe
  • Wrap columns, bannisters, and furniture
  • String across mantels and shelves
  • Hang floor to ceiling for cascading color
  • Layer multiples for dense neon color
  • Outline tables, bars, and buffets
  • Add neon color to foliage like trees
  • Use outdoors to decorate patios and decks

Wherever you hang these versatile neon garlands, they add vibrant glow and fun! Their circular dot shape scatters the colorful light for a unique effect. Dress up any space for your special event with these vivid round dot garlands!

Transform Your Party with Glowing Neon Style

Light up your next special occasion with these bright and reusable round dot neon garlands! Their glowing dots add a burst of neon style to any party or event. Use them for vibrant wedding decor, birthday fun, holiday celebrations and more. They’re easy to hang and make decorating a breeze.

Bring your neon-themed party to life with these bold round garlands. Or use them to add pops of colorful fun to any celebration! Their glow and versatility make them party decorations you’ll reach for again and again.


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