Level Up Your Crafts with this Premium Self-Healing Rotary Cutting Mat


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Tired of your craft blades dulling quickly or making inconsistent cuts? It’s time to level up with the Idemeet Thickened 18″x12″ Self Healing Cutting Mat. This premium cutting mat provides the ultimate surface for fabric, leather, paper, vinyl, and more.

With its 5-ply construction and self-healing surface, the Idemeet cutting mat keeps your blades sharp for cleaner, more accurate cuts. Underneath the self-healing layer are thick cushioning layers that prevent your blade from cutting into hard surfaces. This innovative design extends the life of your blades while protecting your work table.

Key Features:

Upgraded Self-Healing Surface: The self-healing surface layers quickly “heal” after cuts, keeping the mat smooth and effective through repeated use. It resists temperatures from 50°F to 104°F.

Premium Thickened Construction: 5 total layers provide durability and protect work surfaces. The white interlayer is super tough and odorless compared to recycled black material.

Non-Slip, Non-Glare Surface: The glossy smooth mat stays firmly in place while you work. Grid lines are clearly marked without glare.

Durable Anti-Cut Through Layer: Strong, crack-resistant PVC material prevents blades from cutting into your table.

Readable Imperial & Metric Markings: Inches, metric measurements, angles, and diagonals are precisely printed on both sides for accuracy.

Cut Confidently for All Your Projects

This versatile 18″ x 12″ cutting mat handles a wide variety of materials with ease. The self-healing surface allows you to cut paper, vinyl, fabric, leather, foam, and more without damaging the mat. From gentle curves to thick stacks, the 5-ply construction keeps your blades sharp.

The non-slip base prevents the mat from shifting around on your work table. Generously sized at 18″ x 12″, it provides ample space for layout and cutting larger projects. Grid lines are clearly marked in 1/8″ increments as well as metric measurements. Printed angles and diagonal lines assist with bias cutting, quilting, and alignment.

Designed for Crafters and Creators

From quilters and sewers to crafters, artists, and DIYers, the Idemeet cutting mat is a must-have accessory. The durable self-healing surface withstands repeated rotary cutter, X-acto knife, and straight blade usage without damage. Precision markings cater to quilters and sewers for accurate cuts.

Scrapbookers, card makers, and paper crafters will love the smooth cutting surface that won’t dull blades quickly. No more picking at stubborn paper fibers stuck in blades! Vinyl and leather crafters can cut cleanly without wrecking blades on hard tables.

The Idemeet cutting mat handles everything from delicate pattern tracing to cutting stacks of fabric or matboard. Blades glide smoothly over the surface and make crisp,even cuts in all types of media.

Our Quality Promise

Idemeet is committed to providing quality tools and supplies for crafters and DIYers. We are an original equipment manufacturer with a professional quality management system. Every Idemeet product undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure it meets our strict standards.

We stand behind our cutting mats with a 100% quality guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the performance, we will make it right. Our friendly customer service team is ready to assist if you have any issues.

Get Cleaner, More Accurate Cuts Now

Quit struggling with a worn out, warped cutting mat that’s seen better days. The Idemeet Self Healing Cutting Mat brings you a fresh, high-performance surface for all your cutting needs.

Experience the difference premium construction makes with every slice, cut, and chop. Up your crafting game and create your best projects yet.

Order the Idemeet Thickened Self Healing Cutting Mat today and cut with confidence!


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