Kollase Crochet Stitch Marker Kit – 1000 Metal Markers, Blunt Needles, and Storage for Knitters, Crocheters, and Crafters


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Keep track of rows, count stitches, and mark key points in your crochet and knitting projects with this essential stitch marker kit. With 1000 metal markers in a convenient carry case, you’ll never lose your place again!

This complete kit includes:

  • 1000 metal crochet stitch markers in gold
  • 9 blunt head sewing needles in multiple sizes
  • 1 plastic storage case for markers
  • 1 vinyl needle case for safe storage

Having a surplus of stitch markers means you can liberally mark stitches and divide sections as needed for intricate patterns. No more accidental increases or decreases!

Keep Your Place in Crochet and Knitting Patterns

These round stitch markers make it easy to track rows, individual stitches, and key points in your work.

Slip a marker onto the first and last stitch of each row to maintain the correct number of stitches per row. Use markers between pattern repeats to ensure accuracy. Place markers between sections you’ll join later for seamless assembly.

The markers slide smoothly onto yarn and hold securely without snagging or damaging delicate yarns. Their gold color makes them easy to see so you won’t miss a marker while working complicated patterns.

Stay organized and avoid mistakes even on your most ambitious crochet and knitting projects!

Flexible Markers for All Kinds of Handcrafts

In addition to crochet and knitting, these markers have many uses for quilters, sewers, beaders, and other crafters.

Use them to mark seam allowances as you sew. Thread them onto beading wire to divide sections for jewelry making. Secure patches and appliques in place while sewing. Temporarily hold pieces together for glue to dry. The possibilities are endless!

The blunt-tip markers won’t damage delicate fabrics and wires. And you can open them up to secure items then bend the marker closed again.

Essential Needles for Crochet and Crafting

This kit also provides an assortment of hand sewing needles perfect for finishing crochet as well as sewing, embroidery, bead weaving, and other crafts.

The 9 blunt needles have large eyes and come in three convenient sizes – 5.3cm, 6cm, and 7cm lengths.

Use them for weaving ends into finished crochet projects so the tails are invisible. Sew on buttons, patches, and other embellishments by hand with precision. String beads smoothly without fraying the thread.

Crafters of all kinds will find these strong, versatile needles indispensable!

Convenient Storage for Portability

The included plastic case with snap closure provides the ideal way to keep your stitch markers organized and protected. The compact rectangular design takes up little space in your crochet bag.

The vinyl needle case has individual compartments to keep needles sorted by size and free of damaging scratches. They’ll always be neat and untangled when you need them.

With this kit’s portable storage, you can keep your stitch markers, needles, and notions together for crocheting and crafting on the go. Everything has its place!

High-Quality Tools for All Creative Projects

With top-notch construction, these stitch markers and needles will serve avid crafters for years.

The flexible metal markers retain their shape after repeated use. Their smooth, rounded tips prevent snags, fraying, and damage, protecting your yarns.

The needles glide smoothly through fabrics without bending or dulling thanks to heat-treated steel. Large eyes accommodate even thick yarns and threads with ease.

Serious crocheters, knitters, sewists, and artisans will appreciate the durability and performance of these tools. They’re made to help you create your best projects.

Complete Your Crochet Kit with Kollase Stitch Markers

With 1000 durable gold markers, handy sewing needles, and protective storage, this kit has all the stitch markers and tools you need for flawless crochet and crafting.

The ample supply means you can mark every row, stitch, and section as needed to avoid mistakes. The markers and needles are built to last through project after project.

Every time you pick up your hooks and yarn, you’ll be glad you have this stitch marker set ready to keep you organized from the first chain to the final weave. Get the tools for crochet success!


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