Keep Your Scrapbook Paper Organized and Protected with These 8 Durable Plastic Storage Boxes


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Get your scrapbooking paper collection neatly organized and easily accessible with this set of 8 scrapbook paper storage boxes from IRIS USA. The clear boxes allow you to instantly see contents while the snap-tight lids keep papers securely housed.

Designed specifically for scrapbook paper storage, these boxes feature rounded corners to prevent damaging your precious patterned paper. The removable lids keep contents free of dust, debris, and moisture. And the stackable design allows for compact storage, saving valuable space.

Each box measures approximately 7.72”L x 8.19”W x 2.50”H. This generous size accommodates 12” x 12” scrapbook paper stacks, whole paper pads, embellishments, photos, memorabilia, tools, and more. The durable plastic construction stands up to frequent use so your papers stay protected.

Keep Your Paper Collection Organized

Never go digging through a messy paper stash again. These clear storage boxes allow you to arrange papers by collection, theme, color, or any method you choose. The see-through design makes locating the perfect pattern or color a breeze. No more wasting time searching for lost paper or embellishments buried in a jumbled pile.

Group coordinated papers into each box so complete projects are together. Store whole unused paper pads to keep sheets crisp and damage-free. Designate boxes for photos, memorabilia, tools, ribbons, and other supplies to always know right where things are. Labels or stickers on the lids help identify box contents at a glance.

Protect Your Cherished Paper from Damage

Preserve those precious patterned paper investments in perfect condition. The secure snap-tight lids prevent exposure to dirt, moisture, and light that can fade colors and damage paper quality over time.

Rounded corners on the boxes prevent rips, tears, and dog-ears so papers stay pristine. The smooth yet durable plastic protects against scratches and scuffs during storage and transport. Files of paper stay crisp and unbent when stored flat in the generous dimensions of the boxes.

Convenient Access and Portable Storage

The removable lids allow you to quickly access needed papers and supplies without struggling with a cumbersome box. Simply snap off the top to reveal the contents, then replace when done. This makes it easy to get creative anytime inspiration strikes, even while traveling.

The eight storage boxes stack neatly together for space-saving and portable organization. Keep the coordinated set together on shelves, carts, or under tables to contain your entire paper crafting workspace. The attached lids won’t get misplaced so you can take your organized paper collection anywhere.

Get Your Paper Collection in Order and Unleash Your Creativity!

Quit wasting precious creating time searching for scattered supplies and digging through disorganized paper piles. With a place for everything, you can finally wrangle that messy paper horde into a system that works.

Regain control of your paper crafting chaos with this set of 8 sturdy yet transparent scrapbook paper storage boxes. Get your papers neatly filed away and your creative juices flowing again.

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