Jiejinyu 60 Piece Blue Dragon Vein Agate Bead Strand – 6mm Natural Healing Gemstone Beads for DIY Jewelry Making, Yoga Mala Necklaces & Bracelets


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Discover the mystical beauty of dragon vein agate with this high quality strand of 60 natural blue agate gemstone beads from Jiejinyu. These round, 6mm beads showcase the flowing, vein-like banding that gives dragon vein agate its magical name. Use these versatile beads to create calming yoga jewelry, mala prayer beads, and everyday fashion pieces.

Natural Blue Dragon Vein Agate

Mined in Brazil, these beads are crafted from genuine dragon vein agate. Each bead displays the unique color variations and botanical-inspired patterns that make this agate so mesmerizing. Soothing shades of sky blue, azure, and robin’s egg blue swirl together mimicking rivers, leaves, clouds, and other ethereal natural designs.

No two beads look exactly alike, giving your homemade jewelry an artisan, one-of-a-kind feel. These small round beads are perfect for highlighting the nuances in the agate stone. The brighter blue bands pop against the softer background.

Balancing Healing Gemstone

In crystal healing, blue dragon vein agate is valued for its soothing, peaceful energy. It helps relieve stress and calm an overactive mind, making it an ideal gem for mala prayer beads, yoga jewelry, and meditative pieces. Wearing or carrying these beads can aid emotional healing by promoting feelings of inner balance, tranquility, and centeredness. The blue coloring has a cooling, relaxing effect.

With its earthy grounding vibration, dragon vein agate is also believed to help relieve headaches, loneliness, anxiety and depression. If you’re looking to slow down a restless mind and reconnect with inner wisdom, dragon vein agate is an excellent gemstone ally.

High Quality & Versatility

These agate beads are top grade with very few blemishes. Their 6mm round shape fits most bead loom or beading needle sizes for versatility in jewelry designs. Use them to make stretch bracelets, wrap bracelets, tassel necklaces, anklets, earrings, and more.

The .8mm hole accommodates various stringing materials. Try them on stretchy bead cord, waxed linen, leather, hemp, silk, or nylon thread. For chain designs, use jewelry wire, bead tipped headpins and eyepins, multi-strand bead tips, and jump rings to connect the beads.

Ideal for Any Beading Skill Level

Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first beading project or an experienced jeweler wanting premium quality gemstone beads, these dragon vein agate beads are an excellent choice. Their captivating colors and patterns will inspire endless jewelry designs.

For beginners, the 6mm size is easy to work with. Start by threading the agate onto a stretchy bead cord to make a bracelet. Or string them with coordinating crystal beads for a boho chic tassel pendant.

More advanced beaders can incorporate seed beads, wire wrapping, knotting techniques, and elaborate stringing patterns using this agate strand as the focal point.

Create One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Gifts

Making your own jewelry allows you to create meaningful, custom pieces that reflect your unique spirit and style. Handmade jewelry also makes a thoughtful, personalized gift for loved ones.

Turn these agate beads into healing gemstone bracelets or necklaces for friends and family in need of stress or anxiety relief. The blue color promotes inner peace – a perfect sentiment for a gift.

Shop Quality Beading Supplies

Jiejinyu specializes in premium natural stone beads and jewelry making materials. Our gemstone beads are hand selected for their metaphysical properties, color vibrancy, and beauty. We ensure they meet our high quality standards before listing.

Click our brand name to shop our full collection of agate, jasper, crystal, wood, and other gemstone beads. You’ll also find jewelry stringing supplies like bead cord, wire, bead tips, clasps, and crimp beads.

Transform our beads into meaningful, healing jewelry and accessories that showcase your unique expression. We can’t wait to see your beadwork creations!


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