IRIS USA Extra Large 16-Pack Clear Plastic Photo Storage Case for 1600 4×6 Photos


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Do you have boxes of precious photos scattered around your home? Are you worried about those cherished memories getting damaged, lost, or faded over time? Then it’s time to properly store your photos for safekeeping with the IRIS USA Extra Large 16-Pack Clear Plastic Photo Storage Case.

With this photo storage solution, you get 16 sturdy plastic cases that each hold up to 100 standard 4×6 photos. That’s storage for a whopping 1600 photos total! The durable snap-tight buckles keep each case securely closed, while the built-in handles make it easy to carry or transport your photo collection.

Key Features

  • Holds up to 1600 4×6 photos with 16 plastic storage cases, each holding 100 photos
  • Tight-sealing buckle closure keeps contents securely contained
  • Built-in handle for easy portability and transport
  • Clear plastic allows you to easily view contents
  • Acid-free and archival safe to preserve photos
  • Rounded corners help protect photos from damage

Safely Store Your Cherished Memories

The IRIS photo keeper cases are made from durable, crystal clear vinyl plastic so you can easily browse and view your pictures. The acid-free, archival-safe material protects your photos from deterioration over time.

Rounded corners on the cases prevent photos from getting dog-eared, keeping your pictures in pristine condition. The snap-tight buckle ensures each case stays securely closed, preventing photos from slipping out.

Organize and Protect Your Collection

Tired of sifting through shoeboxes and envelopes trying to find a single photo? With this organizer, you can neatly arrange your photos for quick viewing and easy access. No more rummaging around!

The portable carry handle allows you to transport your entire collection in one stack. Perfect for safely bringing your photos to a scrapbooking party or to share with relatives.

You can also use the cases to sort your photos by year, event, people, or other categories. Getting organized has never been so simple.

Display Your Favorite Memories

This clear photo storage system isn’t just for keeping photos safe in a closet or drawer. You can proudly display the cases filled with your favorite family snapshots and travel pics around your home.

Set them out on a shelf, bookcase, console table, or coffee table to liven up your decor with cherished memories. The transparent cases become beautiful works of art showcasing your life’s highlights.

Ideal for Any Photo Hoarder

If you’ve been stockpiling photos for years in less-than-ideal storage, this is the perfect solution to get your collection preserved and organized. The large capacity holds hundreds of loose photos.

Great for photographers with archives of client work, parents with kids’ school photos, or anyone with boxes of unorganized pictures. Tame your photo hoarding chaos once and for all.

Discover the Convenience of Proper Photo Storage

Stop pinning up photos on your fridge only to have them fade, wrinkle, or get stained by food. Avoid subjecting your precious moments to damage by keeping them stored properly in the IRIS USA photo keeper. Let it be your go-to for photo protection and organization.

Buy Now and Start Preserving Your Picture-Perfect Memories!


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