HYANG Smooth Gold Solid Faux Leather Sheets – 1 Roll 12 X 53 Inches PU Leather for DIY Crafts, Jewelry Making, Sewing


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Discover this beautiful smooth gold faux leather from HYANG, perfect for all your crafting and jewelry making needs. This synthetic PU leather sheet has a shiny, metallic finish that looks and feels luxurious.

The leather is a gorgeous solid gold color with a uniform surface texture. It has a lightweight cotton backing for stability and to prevent curling. The PU leather itself is durable yet flexible, easy to cut and shape for your projects.

With a thickness of 0.9-1.0mm, this faux leather is ideal for fabrics, bows, jewelry, accessories, crafts, and more. It’s thinner than tooling leather, allowing for more delicate work and detail. The smooth, consistent surface also takes paints, dyes, foil, and other embellishments beautifully.

Jewelry makers will love using this gold PU leather for statement earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and other pieces. Cut out intricate shapes by hand or use leather punches to create clean edges. Layer on acrylic paints, nail polish, glitters, foil sheets, and more to create trendy metallic leather accessories.

The metallic gold finish gives jewelry an expensive, luxurious look without the high price tag. Use gold leaf sheets and rub n buff for extra shine. This faux leather is perfect for bohemian, Steampunk, glow rave, and festival styles.

Sewists and fabric crafters will also find dozens of uses for this versatile material. Use it for accents on clothes, shoes, bags, hair accessories, home decor, pet collars, luggage tags, book covers, and more. Hand stitch leather pieces onto knitwear and woven garments. Cut strips for trims and ties. Add eyelets and rivets for a rugged touch.

The smooth finish and thinness of this faux leather make it ideal for apparel. Create leather jackets, pants, skirts, corsets, cosplay costumes, and rocker wear. Layer it over other fabrics for an edgy look with added durability. topstitch or glue on sequins, studs, and other embellishments. Pair it with silks, taffeta, velvet, and other fabrics for striking contrast.

Kids and tweens will have a blast using this gold PU leather for arts, crafts, cosplay, and DIY projects. Make superhero masks, jewelry, book covers, pouches, belts, and more. Cut out letters and shapes for collages and mixed media art. Stamp and emboss designs into the surface. Use fabric glue and rivets to attach findings and turn leather pieces into wearable art.

This faux leather is also perfect for holiday crafts and home decor. Make golden ornaments, stockings, and tree skirts for Christmas. Cut stars, moons, and bats for Halloween decor. Create mini pumpkins for fall by gluing felt stems onto leather pieces. Use leather punches to make confetti for New Years.

With its bright metallic shade and smooth texture, this synthetic leather offers unlimited creative potential. It cuts cleanly for intricate work and takes embellishments beautifully. Stock up on multiple rolls to complete all your DIY, sewing, fashion, and jewelry projects in shimmering gold PU leather.


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