House2Home 36 Inch x 3 Yard Upholstery Black Cambric Dust Cover Fabric Replacement for Sofas, Chairs, Conceals Frame and Staples Inside Furniture


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Tired of staring at the torn, tattered underside of your sofa or chair? Are the exposed staples and wooden frame an eyesore in your living room? With the House2Home 36″ x 3 Yard Upholstery Black Cambric Dust Cover Fabric, you can easily and affordably restore a professional finished look to your furniture!

This multi-purpose black cambric fabric is the same material used by manufacturers to cover the undersides and backs of sofas, chairs, and other upholstered furniture. Designed to conceal the internal construction and staples, a cambric dust cover provides a cleaner appearance and protects your floors and walls.

Disguise Worn-Out Dust Covers on Old or Used Furniture

Over time, the original dust cover on the bottom of sofas and chairs can become loose, ripped, or completely missing. Exposure to dirt and debris under the furniture causes it to disintegrate faster. Rather than replacing the entire couch or chair, simply install this dust cover fabric as an inexpensive solution. The black color and 1.2 oz. lightweight material closely matches OEM covers for a seamless, integrated look.

Protect Your Floors and Walls

On furniture lacking a bottom dust cover, the rough wooden frame and metal staples used in construction can damage hardwood floors by scratching them. The staples also snag on area rugs and carpets, potentially causing loose threads or holes. This friction also wears down the staples over time, making them more exposed. This dust cover shields floors, walls, and the furniture itself from unnecessary abrasion.

Soft Backing for Bed Headboards

Take advantage of the 36 inch width to use this fabric beyond upholstered furniture. Cut it to size and adhere it to the back of a bed headboard to cushion against the wall. The polypropylene material’s slight stretch and softness prevents wall damage while reducing noise when moving the bed. Protect both your headboard and walls from scratches and dents with this versatile textile.

Key Features

  • Commercial-grade 36″ width x 3 yard length fits most sofas and chairs
  • Black color matches OEM upholstery dust covers for seamless integration
  • Lightweight 1.2 oz. polypropylene material with slight stretch
  • Multi-purpose design suitable for headboards, box springs, and more
  • Conceals rough frame edges, staples, and construction materials
  • Affordable solution vs. replacing expensive furniture

Professional Quality for Home Use

Manufactured from 100% non-woven polypropylene, this upholstery dust cover meets commercial standards for durability while remaining budget-friendly for home use. The black cambric’s tight weave shields wooden frames from view while preventing dust and pet hair from infiltrating the inner upholstery. Upgrade your furniture to industry-grade quality without the premium price tag.

DIY Installation Tips

Installing this replacement dust cover on your existing furniture is easy with the right tools. For best results:

  • Use sharp scissors or shears to cut the fabric to size
  • Allow several extra inches for pulling taut underneath
  • Apply hot glue, staples, or tacks to adhere the tight cover
  • Fold edges under hiding rough cuts for a clean appearance
  • Affix to box springs using a simple needle and strong thread

With proper measuring and secure adherence to the furniture frame, this black cambric cover maintains a polished finished look that disguises signs of wear and tear.

Invest in Your Furniture’s Longevity

Don’t be tempted by low-cost big box store dust covers that won’t last or match your existing upholstery. This House2Home commercial-grade cambric provides a custom modeled fit at a fraction of the cost of reupholstering or replacing your furniture. Extend the life of your sofas, chairs, headboards and more with a durable woven fabric that stands the test of time.

Give your home decor an instant facelift and protect your floors with this multi-purpose black cambric dust cover. Conceal telltale signs of aging and damage to keep your furniture looking its best. Order now to receive your replacement fabric quickly and revive the showroom-quality appeal of your upholstered pieces.


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