Handcraft Your Own Beautiful Jewelry Creations with Dilobio Bamboo Bead Boards


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Making your own jewelry is a fun and rewarding hobby – but designing jewelry without the right supplies can be frustrating. Dilobio’s Bamboo Bead Boards provide the ultimate jewelry making accessory to help you easily craft professional quality necklaces, bracelets, keychains and more!

Convenient All-in-One Jewelry Making Solution

This set comes with 1 high quality bamboo bead board that has everything you need for crafting jewelry masterpieces right on one board. It features pre-measured channels for stringing necklaces from 14 to 34 inches long. The beading surface allows you to neatly arrange and organize beads so you can design your pieces with ease.

There are also carved out storage compartments to keep beads, findings and tools organized and within reach. With the bead board’s clever design, you’ll save so much time planning out your jewelry pieces before stringing them together.

Premium Quality Bamboo Construction

Expertly constructed from gorgeous natural bamboo, this jewelry board is built to last. The sustainable bamboo has a beautiful look with its rich caramel color that looks elegant on any craft table. Far superior to cheap plastic bead boards, the high-grade bamboo offers durability and stability so the board remains flat without warping.

Measuring 15 x 12 x 0.4 inches and weighing only 1.6 pounds, the bead board is conveniently lightweight and portable. The smooth bamboo provides the ideal beading surface that won’t snag delicate beading threads or scratch glass beads.

Intelligently Designed for Jewelry Making

This bead board is intelligently engineered to simplify jewelry design. The channels are engraved with inch markings so you can accurately plan necklace lengths. There are carved slots for holding strands while you work so pieces don’t get tangled.

The beading surface allows you to arrange beads andspacersto map out intricate patterns. Test out color combinations, bead sizes and styles right on the board until you achieve the perfect layout for your design.

Perfect Jewelry Making Gift for All Skill Levels

The Dilobio Bamboo Bead Board makes a fantastic gift for jewelry makers of all skill levels. Beginners will appreciate how the board’s features make it so easy to learn how to make beautiful jewelry pieces with no prior experience. Expect your skills to reach new levels with this bead board in your craft room!

Even expert jewelers will be impressed with the bead board’s premium quality, useful features and versatile design. Whether you’re a mom wanting to make jewelry with the kids, or a professional artist designing complex pieces, this bead board is sure to be valued and used for years to come.

Design One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Creations with Ease

Quit struggling with jewelry making and get the essential bead board that will elevate your skills. Simply arrange beads on the board to experiment with striking designs before stringing them together. Make perfectly sized bracelets and necklaces every time using the pre-measured channels as your guide.

The Dilobio Bamboo Bead Board takes all the guesswork and hassle out of jewelry making. Now you can craft complex multi-strand necklaces, chic charm bracelets and unique jewelry to express your personal style. Plus it makes a wonderful gift for any jewelry making enthusiast!


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