Express Your Creativity with This All-Inclusive Wax Thread Set for Jewelry Making and Crafting


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Craft your own unique jewelry and accessories with this comprehensive wax thread set. With 25 brilliant colors to choose from, you’ll have endless options to bring your ideas to life.

This kit has everything you need to start beading, stringing, knotting, and sewing colorful designs. It includes:

  • 25 spools of high-quality, 0.45mm waxed polyester thread in a rainbow of colors
  • 2 beading needles in 3 convenient sizes – 5.8cm, 7.6cm, and 8.9cm
  • 4 plastic threaders for easily stringing those tiny beads
  • A thimble to protect your fingers while sewing

The wax coating on these strong, flexible threads helps them hold knots securely, prevents fraying, and keeps them from unraveling while you work. Their smooth surface glides smoothly through beads and fabric without snagging or breaking.

With a huge selection of colors from vibrant purples and blues to classic blacks, whites, and browns, you’ll have tons of options for combining colors. Mix and match to make fun striped or ombre designs or use a single color for a classy monochromatic look.

Craft Dazzling Jewelry Creations with This Thread Kit

Turn simple beads, charms, and found objects into one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces with this thread set. Follow jewelry patterns and tutorials or experiment with your own designs to make necklaces, bracelets, anklets, lanyards, and more.

String and knot beads into chokers, lariats, tassel necklaces, and layered statement pieces. Weave colorful friendship bracelets or macrame boho cuffs. Sew beads onto fabric for eye-catching embellishments. With some creativity and these threads, you can make all kinds of jewelry to complement your personal style.

The included beading needles make it easy to string even tiny beads without fraying the threads. The handy threaders let you pull the thread through beads with small holes quickly.

Unleash Your Creativity with Wax Thread Sewing and Crafting

Beyond jewelry, this versatile thread set has unlimited possibilities for sewing, embellishing, lacing, and other crafts.

Customize your clothes by stitching on patches or appliques. Decorate fabric items like tote bags, scrunchies, and pillows by sewing or weaving designs. Create one-of-a-kind friendship bracelets as thoughtful handmade gifts.

Use these durable threads for outdoor gear repairs like fixing rips in backpacks. Hand-sew leather wallets, journals, or garments for a custom look. Even make trendy wax-sealed envelopes and letters!

With 25 colors, you can coordinate the threads to perfectly match your projects or use multiple hues to make them pop. The set is conveniently organized in a reusable storage box, making it easy to grab the color you need for any craft.

High-Quality Wax Thread Built for Jewelry Making, Sewing, and Crafting

These 0.45mm wax threads are ideal for handcrafting all kinds of designs and objects. The polyester material is strong yet flexible enough for knotting and stringing without damage.

The threads feature just the right amount of beeswax coating to help them hold knots snugly. It allows the threads to glide smoothly without fraying or excess friction.

The wax also helps the threads retain their round shape so they won’t flatten and deform as you work. This ensures an attractive, uniform appearance for your final creations.

With quality construction and vivid, colorfast pigments, your handmade jewelry and projects will maintain their beauty wash after wash. The threads won’t bleed or transfer color onto skin or clothing.

Get Started Right Away with This All-Inclusive Kit

With 25 colors of high-quality waxed thread, beading needles, threaders, a thimble, and convenient storage box, this kit has everything you need to start your handcrafting adventures.

Whether you’re an experienced jeweler or new to DIY crafts, you’ll love having such a versatile and complete wax thread selection for all your projects. It’s a great value for high-quality supplies compared to buying individual spools and accessories.

With so many options, you’re bound to find inspiring color combinations to make your designs unique. Create handmade jewelry, embroidered accessories, and more in your own style.

Bring your creativity to life with this all-in-one wax thread set!


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