emmoolife Vintage Washi Sticker Book – 512 Botanical Stickers & 25 Scrapbook Papers for Scrapbooking, Junk Journals, Crafts




Customize your scrapbooks, journals, cards, and more with this expansive set of 512 vintage-inspired washi stickers and 25 scrapbook paper sheets from emmoolife. The abundance of botanical designs, florals, birds, mushrooms, and other vintage motifs allows you to create beautifully decorated and themed projects.

512 Unique Vintage Stickers

This set includes a whopping 512 washi stickers in a variety of sizes and featuring unique vintage designs. Styles include flowers, mushrooms, leaves, fruits, fairies, postage stamps, architecture, birds, butterflies, and more. The assorted classic motifs have a timeless aesthetic perfect for scrapbooking and journaling.

The durable washi material allows you to reposition the stickers as needed without tearing. The stickers are reusable so you can remove and restick them. The vibrant designs have accurate and clean printing that pops on the page.

25 Sheets Vintage Scrapbook Paper

Also included are 25 sheets of scrapbook paper measuring 8.3 x 5.8 inches (A5 size). The papers complement the stickers with matching vintage floral designs, botanical motifs, and natural scenes. Use the papers as backgrounds or accents to frame your stickers.

Decorate Scrapbooks, Cards, Journals, and More

This scrapbook supply set is perfect for creative projects and DIY crafts including:

  • Scrapbooks
  • Photo albums
  • Bullet journals
  • Planners
  • Junk journals
  • Shadow boxes
  • Handmade cards
  • Gift boxes
  • Memory books

Let your creativity run wild while customizing your own aesthetic!

High Quality and Gift Worthy

Made with high-grade, durable washi paper, these stickers are built to last. The vintage design is timeless and will remain stylish for years to come.

Give this sticker book as a gift to crafters, journalers, planner addicts, and creatives. The presentation in a compact book makes a lovely gift. Recipients will delight in embellishing their own projects with these artistic stickers.

Vintage Sticker and Paper Designs

Here are some of the 100+ designs you’ll find in this set:

Flowers and Plants: roses, daisies, wisteria, leaves, ferns, succulents, mushrooms

Animals and Bugs: butterflies, dragonflies, songbirds, rabbits, deer, foxes

Nautical: shells, sea creatures, boats, anchors, maps, compasses

Farmhouse: roosters, eggs, wheelbarrows, watering cans, pitchforks

Hippie: peace signs, tie dye patterns, mandalas, bohemian designs

Words and Letters: banners, notes, postcards, receipts, book pages

People and Faces: portraits, fairies, dancers, families, children

Food: fruits, baked goods, picnic baskets, milk cartons

Spark Your Creativity with Vintage Style!

The emmoolife vintage washi sticker book will ignite your imagination and inspire your DIY projects. With the bounty of artistic stickers and papers, you’ll enjoy creating for hours.Your personalized scrapbooks, cards, journals, and crafts will stand out with these elegant embellishments.


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